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"Twitter" starts sharing advertising revenues with content makers


"Twitter" :

starts sharing ::

advertising revenues with content makers

Twitter announced :

  • the launch of the "Advertising Revenue Sharing Program"
  • which allows content makers on the platform to receive a portion of
  • the advertising revenue that appears in the responses to the tweets they post.

Twitter said it would be rolling out this program more widely in

August to enable eligible content makers to apply for the program.

Twitter has already begun paying some qualified content makers with subscriptions to its paid Twitter Blue service, according to press reports.

The platform's owner :

lon Musk :

announced the program last February

but there was little information available about it.

The "Advertising Revenue Sharing Program"

aims to motivate content makers to attract more advertising

as well as to contribute to increasing the numbers of Twitter Blue accounts.

Twitter Blue Service subscribers :

or accounts of organizations and companies can join

the Advertising Profit Sharing Program

with their tweets viewed at least 5 million times in one of the last three months, and requests will go through a human audit to ensure they adhere to the platform's publishing policies.

What is Twitter and how to use it

Definition and History Twitter can be defined :

It is a social networking site and a news site on

the Internet :

where people communicate in SMS messages called tweets, posted by the user to anyone who follows him, and tweets can be called another name: micro-blogging.

Twitter is easy to use and browse

Because each tweet is restricted by a specific number of letters, 280 characters, Twitter has become popular and circulating among people.

Twitter was programmed in 2006 by Evan Williams and Bez Stone

Using a language called Ruby-on-Rails

Initially Twitter was a free SMS program

Initially :

it lacked the flow of revenue that could be collected from ads

or membership fees :

but with a 1300% increase in visitors in 2009

  1. Twitter had a remarkable success
  2. surpassing Facebook in revenue for the first time
  3. and in 2010 the promoted tweet service

which will appear in the search results

was added to become the primary source of Twitter revenue.