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"We will turn the earth and the sky." Austin pledges to help Ukraine build a strong army


"We will turn the earth and the sky."

Austin pledges to help Ukraine build a strong army

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced Tuesday that the United States and its allies in Ukraine will continue to meet Kiev's military needs, also ensuring a modern army capable of fighting.

"We will continue to turn the earth and the sky to provide Ukraine with what it needs."

Austin added that :

the United States and its allies would continue to train the Ukrainian army and provide training equipment "in order to establish a professional, combat-capable Ukrainian army that will be able to defend itself in the future."

US President Joe Biden announced during his NATO summit in Vilnius last week that Washington and its allies would help Ukraine "build its air, land and sea defenses."

Russia has said on more than one occasion that "NATO"

and Western countries, primarily the United States

have pushed the Kiev authorities towards escalation

and have supported them militarily even before the start of the special military operation.

Moscow has consistently warned that the Kiev regime's arms injection will further destroy Ukraine and prolong the conflict, as well as contribute to a negotiated solution.

Former Pentagon adviser :

Ukraine's military is devastated and if it wasn't for US funds

Ukraine would have disappeared.

Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor said Ukraine's military is broken, and the only thing that allows Ukraine to stay and continue is financial support from the United States.

He stressed that the Ukrainian President

Vladimir Zelensky, had "not got what he wanted"

and was now "angry" that Ukraine was "suffering heavy losses".

He added:

  1. Without American funds
  2. the Ukrainian state would not have existed.
  3. We keep her alive .

He noted that Zelenskiy had made considerable betting

on Ukraine's accession to NATO, but had not yet succeeded in doing so.

Ukrainian General:

Cluster munitions arrived and ready for use

Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Alexander Cersky confirmed that cluster munitions supplied by the United States to Ukraine are in the country and ready for use within the next few days.

This was stated in an interview with the BBC by the Ukrainian General

who noted that his forces were planning to

use such internationally prohibited munitions in

the Artyumovsk region.

BBC reporters added that the M777 howitzers carried

by the United States, which will launch cluster munitions, are already around Artyomovsk.

On July 7 :

US President Joe Biden announced his decision to

begin delivering cluster munitions to

the Kiev regime. In response :

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that

such munitions put civilians at risk and aimed at prolonging the crisis.

According to the US military, 5-14% of

this ammunition may not explode at all, as it has been stored in warehouses for a long time, in which case it will become mines threatening the civilian population even after the end of the conflict.

Some United States congresswomen have opposed the supply of

such weapons to Ukraine :

while members of the United States Democratic Party are preparing an amendment to the Defense Act prohibiting the transfer of cluster munitions. According to Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the use of such munitions is a human rights violation.