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Scary challenge on TikTok Lmot 4 people and the authorities are sounding the alarm!


A frightening challenge :

on TikTok is taking the lives of

4 people. And the authorities are sounding the alarm! (Video)

Since 2020 :

TikTok users have shared videos of themselves jumping from speedboats

and others, but with recent reports of :

4 deaths in Alabama, authorities have warned of this dangerous activity.

Over the past three years :

  • people have posted footage of themselves
  • as they challenged to jump off the boat
  • which could immediately break the neck and sink.

Skipper Jim Dennis of the Childersburg Rescue Team in Alabama

"WNBA" :

said this activity has led to the deaths of

4 people drowned in the state over the past six months.

He added :

"They were challenging TikTok.

the high speed of the boat in the stagnant waters

would make jumping more like colliding with concrete .

"This is a very big concern because we've seen this activity emerge over the last couple of years and it's sporadic, but it's something that needs to be kept away and warned about."

According to Denise :

a father died last February while jumping

from a boat with his wife and three children on board.

The last death came in mid-May :

and the four people who drowned in the state are males.

Dennis urged people to avoid jumping from speedboats, with claims that social media had influenced TikTok users to experience this challenge.

On Monday :

  • Alabama's law enforcement agency issued a statement to
  • correct the report on drownings associated
  • with the TikTok challenge

One person was fatally injured after jumping from a moving boat in 2020 and a similar death occurred in 2021, however, both cases cannot be linked to TikTok.

Meanwhile :

  • experts are still talking about the dangers of
  • jumping off a fast-moving boat

stressing that people put their physical health at risk

and live in danger when doing this activity. 

He added :

You could end up with a broken bone, a broken neck

you could end up stuck in the boat fan

or you could :

be hit by another boat and that would cause a lot of damage if not death.