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A legendary object in an American forest provokes a great interaction (video)


A legendary object in :

an American :

forest provokes a great interaction :

Rumors persist of a large human-like hairy creature called

"Big Foot" or "Sasquatch" in English, living in the forests of North America.

Despite thousands of :

reported sightings, there has never been a confirmation of

the creature's existence. Most views usually occur in the Pacific Northwest.

676 sightings :

or alleged confrontation :

  • were reported in Washington State of
  • this creature, and 445 in California
  • according to "Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

Occasionally :

communicators circulate videos of the object :

which can be regarded as legendary :

but the most remarkable passage that many of

the best scenes captured remain

recorded by a fisherman named Joe Haycliffe in the Mississippi forests.

In a commentary below a two-minute YouTube video :

Heycliffe explained that :

he came across the creature ripping up the bark of

a tree trunk and throwing it to the ground.

He was afraid of the shaggy-haired beast, after being found on a fishing trip.

The object appeared in :

the video as it walked through the forest :

  • appeared to be large and thick-haired
  • as well as making strange sounds
  • and this video sparked great controversy among people

with some believing it to be evidence of Bigfoot

a mythical object believed to live in American forests

while others thought it was just a deception created by some people.

The fisherman said :

I was out hunting pigs sitting in part of the swamp

and then I heard noise behind a tree, I couldn't believe my eyes.

This big black thing was sitting next to a dead cypress tree about 50 yards away. 

He continued :

I thought it was a pig, but I saw big shoulders with an upright head

it looked like he was digging the torso.

My first instinct was to run away

and I didn't even think about shooting. 

Heycliff claimed that :

the creature was 7 feet long, and did not look like a bear.

Many viewers expressed their astonishment at the footage

as many thought it was a big man rather than an animal.

Bigfoot is a legendary object thought to

live in American forests, also known as Sasquatch or Yeti.

  1. Bigfoot is thought to be a large
  2. thick-haired object
  3. making strange sounds.

The existence of :

Bigfoot has not yet been confirmed

but there are many stories and novels that talk about his vision.

Some believe Bigfoot is just a fictional object

while others believe it is a real being found in American forests.