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A warning from Apple. Why shouldn't iPhone be charged during sleep?!


A warning from Apple.

Why shouldn't iPhone be charged during sleep?!

Apple issued a stark warning to smartphone addicts

who sleep with their devices while connected to the charger.

In the online user manual :

the tech giant says that iPhone devices should be charged only in

a "well-ventilated area" - that is, on a flat table surface and not on a thick duvet.

iPhone devices :

heat up while shipped, so if this heat does not have room to escape

they are likely to cause burns or even start fires.

That's why keeping :

the charging phone under your pillow is one of

the worst things smartphone users can do.

Apple fails to tell people not to charge the phone overnight at all

 although this is the official advice from some fire services.

"Constant contact with warm surfaces for prolonged periods of

time may cause discomfort or injury," says the tech giant.

The following narrative explains:

Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin is in contact with a device, power adapter or wireless charger when operated or connected to a power source for long periods.

For example

do not sleep on a device :

power adapter or wireless charger, or place them under a blanket

pillow or your body, when they are connected to a power source.

Keep your iPhone :

power adapter and any wireless charger in

a well-ventilated area during use or charging.

 Be particularly careful if you have a physical condition that

affects your ability to detect heat.

Apple does not explicitly advise against charging your phone overnight at all; In fact, as long as in a "well-ventilated area" it must be safe, as Apple's blog suggests.

However :

some fire services go further

by advising against any kind of shipping overnight.

  1. Another reason why your
  2. iPhone doesn't charge overnight is
  3. how it affects the life of your device.

Phones usually take up to :

two hours to fully charge, but when connected overnight

they run for eight hours or more, depending on how long you sleep.

This increases :

  • the amount of heat the battery is exposed to
  • and ultimately reduces its life
  • meaning you are likely to have to buy a new phone sooner.