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After a deadline to turn himself in Trump vows to publish the Georgia election fraud report


After a deadline to

voluntarily surrender himself to the judiciary..

Trump pledges to publish report on "election fraud" in Georgia

Former US

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday

he would publish a report on election fraud in Georgia on the 21st of this month.

During a post via his platform Truth Social :

Trump said :

  • he would publish
  • the detailed report on
  • what he called "election fraud" next Monday.

Earlier :

the former President of :

the United States denounced the accusations against him in Georgia of attempting to overturn the results of the presidential elections in that state, considering them "false".

Trump wrote :

Sounds false to me.. Why didn't they charge me two and a half years ago

because they want to do it in the middle of my political campaign .

The Georgia judiciary last Monday

charged Trump and 18 others with "extortion"

and committing a number of crimes in an effort to overturn

the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in this presidential term.

Fulton County :

Prosecutor Fanny Willis announced

  • at a news conference in Atlanta a 10-day
  • deadline for Trump and the other defendants in
  • the case to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

This comes as :

  • the leak of an alleged and early indictment before witnesses testify
  • and the grand jury deliberations

stating that this is an unconstitutional mechanism with errors.

Since Trump's defeat in the 2020 presidential election

he has repeatedly made claims that the election was marred by widespread fraud.

Clinton comments on :

new indictment against Trump:

I am deeply saddened :

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed regret

over the case of attempting to overturn Georgia's 2020 election result.

In an interview with MSNBC :

Clinton said of Trump's 10-count indictment:

I don't feel any satisfaction.. 

  •  am deeply saddened that we have a former President
  • who has been charged with numerous accusations
  • whose democracy has been deafened and who has made

us wonder whether (our democracy) will survive. 

Clinton added:

I don't know that anyone should be satisfied.

  • This is a terrible moment for our country to accuse
  • a former President of these terrible crimes.
  • The only satisfaction may be that the system works.. Justice is sought. 

On Monday evening

a grand jury in Georgia approved

the former President's 10-count indictment.

Trump :

  • the 2020 election have been granted habeas corpus
  • until 25 August in Georgia, according to Fanny Willis

the attorney general in charge.

This will be

the fourth indictment filed against Trump this year :

which could lead to the first televised trial of a former president in American history

involving charges commonly used to bring down gangsters.

Trump, for his part, denounced the accusations against him as "false."