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Coffee Produced by Africa imported by the world and captured by Europe. Figures provided by Lavrov



Produced by Africa

imported by the world and captured by Europe.

Figures provided by Lavrov :

In his Johannesburg press conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that African countries feel exploited by the West, and that this situation must end.

For example :

  • the Minister said that the global coffee market was worth $450 billion
  • while coffee bean manufacturers received only $25 billion
  • of which African countries received less than $3 billion.

Germany gets 7.5 billion manufactured coffee

that is, it gets more than Africa's entire share.

The Russia

Africa Summit therefore raised the issue of :

justice at a new qualitative level, stressing that it is impossible to

continue living by exploiting the resources of developing countries.

Lavrov pointed

out that African States remember well the colonial era :

  • remember what they defended, and when they feel that
  • although they have gained independence

while the West gets all the added value

it does not appeal to them and does not fit them.

Now :

according to the Minister, the detailed moment has come

when the world is becoming pluralistic, and this historic process cannot be stopped.

The Sahel region of Africa has been experiencing problems of

extremism since 2011

when NATO destroyed

the Libyan State by supporting terrorists who stood against Qadhafi

when Libya disappeared and became a black hole

crossing millions of illegal immigrants into Europe.

The French later tried to confront them, and now they are out of Africa.

Lavrov stressed that :

Africa's cooperation with the West

compared to that in the factories

education :

  • and health sectors during the Soviet era
  • Niger in some demonstrations in support of the coup d 'état
  • leading some to claim that Russia was behind the coup d' état in Niger.

However :

the Minister continued that :

the Niger had been under Western control for many years

without the West being able to obtain the people's hearts and minds, since it had not contributed to real development. Russian flags are only a clear rejection of Western policies in Africa.