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"Disturbing" study. "COVID-19" may cause disease leading to serious heart problems

"Disturbing" study. "COVID-19"

may cause disease leading to serious heart problems

A new study suggests that "COVID-19" may cause high blood pressure in those

who have not been affected by this disorder before.

In an analysis of

six-month follow-up data from more than 45 thousand :

people infected with COVID-19 with no history of high blood pressure :

researchers reported that 21% of those admitted to hospital due to the virus

and 11% of those not hospitalized later developed

high blood pressure within six months.

In addition :

people over the age of 40, men, black adults and those with a range of

pre-existing conditions were more likely to develop the condition.

The study :

published in the journal Hypertension

  • analyzed records of hospitalized patients with "COVID-19"
  • and flu in the Bronx area of New York City between 2020
  • and 2022, a large and ethnically diverse population area.

Researchers revealed that 16% of those hospitalized for influenza

and 4% of those not hospitalized for influenza had high blood pressure.

However :|

  1. COVID-19 patients had
  2. worse blood pressure outcomes
  3. than those with influenza.

Given the huge number of people infected with COVID-19 :

compared to flu :

  • these statistics are alarming
  • and suggest that many patients
  • are likely to develop high blood pressure in the future

which could be a significant burden on public health

 said Senior Researcher Dr Tim Qiu-dong of Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

These results should increase awareness of :

  • enable early identification and treatment of complications associated
  • with high blood pressure, such as cardiovascular and kidney disease.

Blood pressure is recorded :

  • by measuring pressure in blood vessels when
  • the heart pumps blood around the body
  • and the pressure between the heartbeat

which is known as systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.

For healthy blood pressure, the numbers must not exceed 120/80.

Readings between 121/81 and 139/89 indicate that an individual is

at risk of hypertension, while reading above 140/90 is a high blood pressure.

Dr. Dong stressed that "Covid-19" is usually

more dangerous in patients who already have high blood pressure.

The study participants were primarily from socio-economic communities

which may increase their susceptibility to high blood pressure after COVID-19.

Other factors may also have contributed to :

the development of hypertension in study patients

including the effects of isolation, psychosocial stress

reduced physical activity, unhealthy diet and weight gain during the pandemic.

The group stressed :

the need for further research to determine whether hypertension is more closely linked to COVID-19. If so, what are the potential effects on long-term heart health.