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Don't be surprised! It could rain the sky in gold, spiders and fish!


Don't be surprised!

It could rain the sky in gold, spiders and fish!

What can rain the sky other than spoilt drops of water?

Amazing that outweighs the imagination that it can rain in multiple forms.

This happened on several occasions when breathing out of her presence.

d Falls from the sky a red "bloody" rain

and may fall rain from frogs, spiders and even fish.

It is the wonderful nature that changes and changes

resulting in unusual phenomena that are sometimes difficult to believe.

Of the exotic events of this kind

one took place in 1940, in the town of Mishiri

in the Russian province of Nizhny Novogord

when coins were showered in the sky dating back to the 17th century.

How did that happen?

It turned out that a treasure of old coins was hidden in an inextricable hole

usted by the wind until the hurricane lifted the small coins

and scattered them over wide distances, and fell as if the sky was raining cash!

The people were amazed

by the money falling from the sky

while the authorities rushed to collect treasure coins

which were later transported to the nearest museum to be displayed to visitors.

It also happened that :

  • the sky rained "apple", in 2011 in the skies of
  • the central British city of Coventry.
  • A small tornado carried a crop of apples

high from its place and elsewhere the apples fell from the sky on the ground.

In France, on a day in 1869 :

  • the sky was free of clouds, and rain fell from
  • the sky from the leaves of oak trees.
  • Strong winds were dropping tree larvae

a few days ago and when the high winds stopped, leaves fell like rain.

Similarly :

  • in a romantic and rain-scented phenomenon
  • rose petals fell from the sky in
  • the Philippines several times in 1948
  • between October and December

when fragrant rose petals covered the streets of the Philippine city of Linden.

In the United States :

the sky not only rained there spiders

 but fell from the sky frogs in Kansas City in 1873.

Scientists concluded that it was caused by strong winds or a hurricane.

The same phenomenon was repeated in 1882 in Iowa :

and that year it fell from the frogs. Experts see that

a strong upward stream picked it up and then froze in

the cold air and fell to the ground.

All this :

 in addition to colourful rains :

including in Qani reds, are natural phenomena that sometimes surprise

the Earth's population in varied, wonderful

and bewildering forms for :

those who have never seen it before and for those

who are unaware of the overlap of nature's elements and power

especially the gusts of wind and hurricanes.