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Survey: Majority of Americans oppose additional aid to Kiev



Majority of :

Americans oppose additional aid to Kiev :

A CNN poll revealed that more than half of Americans oppose

the U.S. Congress providing additional aid to Ukraine.

According to the survey :

  1. 55% participants said that no additional assistance
  2. should be allocated to the Kiev Government
  3. while 45% participants supported funding

and 51% Americans believed that

the United States had done enough for Ukraine.

At the same time :

the majority of participants (representing 78%)

replied that the type of support Kiev needed was to help gather intelligence

hile 53% chose to help with military training for the Ukrainian military.

Only 17% of respondents believe US military involvement is necessary in the conflict.

The survey was completed from July 1 to 31 on

1,279 U.S. citizens, an error rate estimated at 3.7 degrees.

On 1 August :

Politico reported that Washington

could announce another package of military assistance to Kiev early next week.

The latest military aid package for Ukraine :

granted by US President Joe Biden's administration

included additional air defence systems

artillery :

and other ammunition

as well as $400 million in armoured vehicles and anti-tank weapons.

The Russian ambassador to the United States :

Anatoly Antonov, said on July 25 that Washington's actions, which continue to pump weapons to its Ukrainian agents, go beyond morality and common sense.

The diplomat noted that :

the United States was trying to present itself as an impartial donor to

Ukraine and manipulating public opinion, hiding the real objectives of its policy.

According to a recent CNN poll :

a majority of Americans (55%) oppose Congress authorizing additional funding to support Ukraine in its war with Russia. This is a significant shift from previous polls, which showed that a majority of Americans supported additional aid to Ukraine.

The poll also found that :

  • there are significant partisan divides on the issue of
  • aid to Ukraine. For example, 74% of
  • Democrats support additional funding, while only 26% of Republicans do.

The CNN poll is just one of many polls that have been conducted on public opinion about the war in Ukraine. However, it is one of the most recent polls, and it provides a snapshot of how public opinion is shifting on this issue.

There are a number of :

factors that may be contributing to this shift in public opinion.

One factor is that the war in Ukraine has been going on for over a year now, and some Americans may be feeling fatigued by the conflict.

Another factor is that :

the war has had a significant impact on the global economy

and some Americans may be concerned about

the potential costs of further escalating the conflict.

It is important to note that this poll is just one snapshot of

public opinion :

and it is possible that the results could change in the future.

However :

  1. the poll does suggest that
  2. there is a growing sense of
  3. war fatigue in the United States

and this could have implications for :

how the Biden administration responds to the conflict in Ukraine.