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"The Times": NATO was waiting for Ukraine's counter-attack a miracle promised by Kiev


"The Times":

NATO was waiting for

Ukraine's counter-attack a miracle promised by Kiev

The Times, citing a US military officer who trained Ukrainian troops, reported that NATO hoped and predicted a promised miracle from the Ukrainian counter-attack.

The newspaper added, "NATO expected miracles that the Ukrainians promised. But no war can be waged on the basis of optimism ".

According to the paper :

failures in the counter-attack led to the exchange of

accusations between Kiev and its allies.

Conversely, in the paper's view

it may be time to think more seriously about long-term plans for war

and therefore deciding on the question of

a peaceful settlement on Ukraine may be an option.

Ukraine's President :

  1. Vladimir Zelensky
  2. earlier acknowledged
  3. the low pace of

counter-attack and made promises to speed it up soon

on the basis that Kiev's forces were gradually overcoming

the impediment to minefields.

CNN reported :

  • citing Western and senior Pentagon officials
  • that the Ukrainian counter-attack
  • was not as successful as Kiev's allies had predicted

and the performance of Russian troops exceeded their expectations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin :

had confirmed the failure of

Ukraine's counter-attack and that

Kiev had suffered heavy losses to tens of thousands of military personnel.

Former CIA analyst :

Kiev forces have lost 60 thousand of their troops since the counter-attack

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson confirmed that the decision to launch a counter

attack without the weapons needed to inflict heavy losses on Kiev's forces.

Mr Johnson said :

"As a result of the attack, Ukrainian troops lost about 60 thousand troops and these are huge numbers of insanity. In my opinion, what they did to these men is a crime ".

Ukraine :

had no chance of :

success from the outset, but Western politicians

had convinced Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky otherwise.

The main reason for :

the Ukrainian forces' defeat was the unavailability of

the required quantity of equipment and air defence systems.

The Adviser to :

the Ukrainian President's Office :

Mikhail Podoliak, has previously stated that the shortage of weapons suffered by the Kiev forces is too great, reaching the level of extreme disability for fighting.