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White House: We gave the Ukrainians everything they asked for, but their attack is going slow


White House:

We gave the Ukrainians :

everything they asked for

but their attack is going slow.

A senior White House :

  • official announced that Washington had given
  • the Ukrainians everything they asked
  • for in preparation for their counter-attack

but that the attack was taking place less frequently than expected

and that it would become more difficult to continue by the fall.

Speaking to CNN, U.S. :

National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said

"In the months leading up to the counter-attack

we met all the requests in Ukraine's purchase list. 

They received all they needed for the counter-attack.

We continue to do so :

we are determined to continue to prepare Ukrainian troops and

more importantly :

to provide them with the tools

and weapons they need to penetrate those lines (Russian defence). 

According to Kirby :

the Ukrainians realize that "time is not in their favor"

and by the beginning of

autumn it will be difficult for them to :

  • "manoeuvre on the ground and use drones
  • and air defence systems." He called on the US official to
  • refrain from "speculation" about the form of

"success" and leave it to the Ukrainians.

  • Things are not moving as quickly as they want
  • (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky
  • but they are making some progress  he said.

Kirby also commented on :

a recent CNN poll showing that only 45% of

Americans believe Congress should allocate additional funds to help Ukraine.

President Joe Biden :

has said publicly as well as in private talks with Zelensky, but also with other NATO and G7 leaders, that we will support Ukraine as long as it takes, Kirby said.

"I think the American people understand what's at stake here."

US authorities are expected to :

announce a new package of military aid to Ukraine this week

and Biden will ask Congress for billions more to continue supplying weapons to Kiev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin :

stated on July 21 that Ukrainian forces had not achieved results

"at least so far"

and that Western herders of

Kiev were "clearly frustrated" with the conduct of the "counter-attack."

On August 4 :

Russian defense reported that since the beginning of the "counter-attack"

on June 4 :

Ukrainian forces have lost

more than 43 thousand personnel and more than 4.9 thousand weapons.