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Zalugni participates in a secret meeting with NATO generals


participates in a secret meeting with

NATO generals

Mikhail Podoliak :

Adviser to the Head of Vladimir Zelensky's Office

confirms that Ukrainian Force Commander Valerie Zalozhny

participated in a secret meeting with NATO generals on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Podoliak said on the TV channel


"It was a secret meeting. In general

Zalugni actively communicates with representatives of

our partners' ministries of defence and general staff :

almost every day. Because we need to make adjustments in terms of tactics

and strategy on the front, and in terms of the resources that we have.

It explains to our partners :

  • what we need and in what direction, whether we can rely on them
  • and whether we can expect additional long-range missiles
  • armoured vehicles and air defence. 

Podoliak added that

Zalugni is often in discussions with the United States :

and the United Kingdom

who "know and understand what is happening on the front"

better than others, and advises the commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces.

Earlier on Saturday

the Guardian

  1. citing unnamed sources
  2. noted that last week a meeting
  3. was held between some senior members of

the NATO Command

  • including U.S. Forces Europe Commander General Christopher Cavoli
  • British Admiral Sir Anthony Radakin
  • and Ukrainian Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerie Zalogny on

the Polish-Ukrainian border.

She explained that

the main issue discussed by the meeting focused on :

"actions that could help to give impetus to Ukraine's slowing counter-attack

and future combat plans for the winter"

noting that "Ukraine's strategy has changed as a result of discussions with NATO

and it can be seen that they are focusing on the Zaporoje Front".

The New York Times reported that the United States may have persuaded Kiev not to deploy counter-offensive forces between the southern and eastern fronts.

The paper also noted that on August 10 :

during a videoconference, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley

British Admiral Tony Radakin and General Christopher

Cavoli urged Commander Valerie Zalogny to focus on one major front.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky

has previously rejected the idea of :

  • relocating troops from the east to attack the southern direction
  • saying that in this case we may lose more territory
  • and that the forces will try to develop the counter-attack.

The Ukrainian President said that :

the forces would try to develop the counter-attack

and added :

  • With regard to the counter-attack. Let's look at the result
  • I believe in our strength. All the world wants to be faster
  • we are working as best as we can. 

The Ukrainian :

counter-attack began last June 4, with Kiev deploying NATO

  • trained brigades carrying Western weapons
  • including Leopard tanks that were widely deployed on
  • the battlefield, and then creating footage of a number of
  • burning military vehicles on the battlefield in the West.

On his part

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on July 21 that :

there were no results for Ukrainian forces :

and "Western curators are clearly frustrated" with the course of

the counter-attack, as Ukraine has not helped the vast resources pumped there

nor the supply of arms, tanks, artillery, armour and missiles

nor the dispatch of thousands of mercenaries and advisers.