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Bee fence wows American researcher


Bee fence wows American researcher

An American researcher of :

bee science expressed great admiration for the Quran's characterization of

the roles played by bees within the hive and the Kingdom

emphasizing their fascination with the details contained in the bee Holy.

Researcher McKay Orton

who has been a beekeeper in California for 10 years

appeared in a video on her Instagram account carrying

a translated version of the Holy Quran and began reading the Bees.

In the video :

Orton said, I heard that there was a Holy Koran about bees.

So I liked to check it out. That's what I found. Sura No. 16 is called bees.

The Quran respects bees so deeply that bee killing is considered a sin .

There are 3 major things that I liked.

The first thing is that the Qur 'an talks about honey:

"It comes out of its stomachs with a drink of different colors in which people heal." He said different honey colors. You guys know I love this. honey is a magical and very charming food ".

The second thing is to

  • emulate your life after honey as if this is the message:
  • to be diligent and dedicated with the cell being your home
  • and colony being your family, and the idea that

there is no very small job and that there is a need for everyone.

I think that's very beautiful. 

She added :

The third and final thing I think was really wonderful:

  • the Koran was originally written in Arabic and in Arabic
  • there are feminine acts, memoirs and actions that the Koran
  • used to describe the bee in construction

  1. eating
  2. foraging and work
  3. all of which were feminine.

When the Koran was written

there was no science about bees. Whether bees or working bees

the female comes first.

So many people say that this is one signal and a simple way in which

we can know that it is an inspiring book written

by God whether you have a religion

or secularism it is always funny to recognize bees.