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Benjamin Netanyahu Talks About "Huge Change" and "Great Blessing" for Israel


Benjamin Netanyahu Talks About

"Huge Change" and "Great Blessing" for Israel

After praising the ambitious project for

  • a land bridge between Asia and Europe on Saturday
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to
  • the topic on Sunday, calling it a "great blessing."

In a speech to the cabinet on Sunday morning

Netanyahu said that governments under his leadership had been working towards the vision of "joining Israel to the world" for a decade, by building a railway line from Haifa to Beit She'an (Beisan), near the Jordan River bridges.

To achieve a clear goal:

not only to serve the residents of the Galilee and Beit She'an

but also to establish a future link between the residents of

the Galilee and Beit She'an, Haifa Bay and the Arabian Peninsula," he said.

He added that this vision of

connecting the Arabian Peninsula countries

through Jordan to Haifa Bay would allow for

the connection of transportation across the Arabian Peninsula to


He noted that this idea gained additional momentum in

the Abraham Accords, "but now we are linking it to a larger vision."

According to Netanyahu :

"this vision, which is being proposed :

  • by President Biden with the countries of Europe
  • the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • and others, for a transportation corridor of railways

maritime links :

fiber optic cables, and electricity lines, including natural gas

  • and hydrogen (the energy of the future)
  • that will pass from India, that is, from Asia
  • through the Arabian Peninsula through Israel to Europe

" represents a "huge change."

He stressed that this initiative, for which he renewed his thanks to President Biden

"is changing our global and historical position."

He explained, saying :

The land of Israel has always been a crossroads for empires that

trampled us in their campaigns of conquest in every direction

and now the State of Israel is a different kind of crossroads country. It has become the main crossroads in the global economy, and a bridge of peace that is changing us."

He continued

  1. We have already turned Israel into a global hub in
  2. the fields of the internet, water, and natural gas
  3. and we are now doing so in the fields of

global transportation, energy, and communications,

considering that "this is a great blessing.

On the first :

day of the G20 summit in New Delhi on Saturday

Biden :

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi :

and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced plans to

build a railway line and freight corridor connecting India to

the Middle East and Europe. The project aims to

promote economic growth and political cooperation.

The project

which includes India, Saudi Arabia :

the United Arab Emirates

  1. Jordan
  2. Israel
  3. and the European Union

is part of an initiative called the Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investments.

The corridor will help to boost trade, transport energy resources

and develop digital connectivity.