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"Economist": Ukraine wants to get missiles like Kalibr and Russian "Kha-101"



Ukraine wants to

get missiles like Kalibr and Russian "Kha-101"

According to Economist magazine, the Kiev regime asked

the West for long-range cruise missiles for strategic launchers

which are not owned by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The magazine considers it unlikely that Ukraine will acquire such missiles.

The magazine quoted a source in the Ukrainian Forces Staff Command

as saying that Kiev wanted to have at its disposal missiles equivalent to

Russia's "Kalibr" and "KHA-101", and noted that it was difficult to

intercept those missiles because of their speed and high manoeuvrability.

The Russian missile 

Kha-101" belongs to the category of long-range

winged aerial missiles and is capable of striking a target of 5,500 kilometres.

In the West :

where Ukraine receives military assistance

there is a counterpart to the "Kha-101" missile

the United States long-range

cruise missile AGM-86 launched from B-52

  • strategic bombers. According to the Journal
  • it is clear that Washington will not provide Kiev
  • with these strategic air systems. Another counterpart of

this Russian

missile is the AGM-129 aerial missile

  • but it can only be carried by B-52. According to the Western press
  • all such missiles had already been disposed of.

The counterpart to :

the Russian rocket Kalibr is the American Naval

and Land Cruise Missile BGM-109 Tomahawk.

To launch it :

the Mk 41 launchers :

which are installed on ships or used in the U.S.

Aegis Ashore terrestrial missile defense system

are used.

Washington is unlikely to be ready to transfer these weapons systems to Ukraine.

In addition, the Tomahawk missile is launched from nuclear submarines

which Kiev also does not possess.

The British winged

  • Storm Shadow missile has the superior ability to
  • hide radars for flying at a very low altitude
  • and limited connections to command positions

which does not prevent Russia's best air defenses from dropping it.

Moreover :

  • the high temperature resulting from hot nozzle emissions in
  • the rocket's main engine has a clear impact that
  • can be captured in radar and infrared frequency areas

while Russian counter

missiles overrun these ghost missiles from behind.

Storm Shadow is a 1000 km/h "air-to-surface" winged missile

often launched from warplanes to fly to a range of 560 km.

But the British made adjustments in

  • its design before it was handed over to Ukraine
  • reducing the missile's operational range
  • which now stands at no more than 300 km to

avoid prolonging Russia's depth

threatening a direct collision with Russia.

The Storm Shadow missile was adapted for installation on

the Soviet-made "Meg" and "Sukhoi" bombers.