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Electric cars and off-road... Advantages, disadvantages and best types



Electric cars and off-road...

Advantages, disadvantages and best types

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  2. Defects
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Electric vehicles have invaded the world's automotive

and vehicle sector following their efficient performance in several respects

motivating manufacturers to develop them and enhance their efficiency

and effectiveness :

while small electric vehicles have proven their worth in personal

and public use;

Vehicle production companies did not stop at such a level of utilization of

advanced technologies;

  • Some of them have worked hard to produce electric trucks
  • and all-electric SUVs capable of providing a powerful performance that
  • enables drivers to drive an electric off-road car and difficult terrain

which can be considered an ideal blessing

and innovation for off-road driving enthusiasts from people interested in preserving the environment and its safety.

In this article;

We discuss the topic of off-road driving by electric car by showing the pros and cons of it with a flood of information, as well as some of the most famous electric cars produced for off-road areas.

Driving an electric off-road car

A few years ago; The use of electric vehicles for desert driving was a form of scientific assumption and expectation

Today :

however, it is true that fans of driving Off Road can drive an electric car in the desert with confidence and reliance on the powerful and sophisticated equipment and techniques that support its performance with high resolve and efficiency, and despite the intensity of driving Off Road using an electric

car with a lot of advantages;

  • It has a share of disadvantages as well
  • so let's move next to look at the pros and cons of
  • driving an electric off-road car so we'll make it more clear together

Electric car driving features on rugged roads

while electric vehicles curb global warming by reducing carbon emissions;

Lauf Road electric vehicles have been produced, making off-road drivers and difficult terrain easy enough to need high-emission, high-fuel-consuming vehicles to cut off these roads.

In addition to achieving the same driving pleasure as traditional SUVs

for desert driving enthusiasts, this will keep the environment safe from high emissions and ensure low fuel consumption.

Scope and extent

The range of distances that electric vehicles can travel varies following manufacturers' endeavours to produce electric vehicles similar to conventional

vehicles in this regard;

While there are many short-range electric vehicles;

There is another medium-range, along with long-range electric cars

This allows drivers to choose what suits them and meets their requirements and needs.

Besides spreading many electric vehicle charging stations on roadsides including electric vehicle charging stations in Dubai, Which comes within the framework of the UAE Government's plan to stimulate and urge the use of electric vehicles instead of conventional

In addition :

drivers can follow several tips to extend the battery life of

an electric vehicle when in use, Not to mention

electric vehicles driving on rugged roads have many processes that reduce battery power consumption and charging, including renewable braking that plays an active role in this.

Storage Space :

Because it is the battery that is responsible for operating

the vehicle essentially in the electric vehicle

This is enough of the need for large mechanical engines and their subsequent parts

systems and accessories :

so this will provide additional storage space on the back box in the front box

which is commonly known as the "Frunk Frunk", and this space can be used to install a refrigerated electric refrigerator to maintain the power and systems of the electric car at low temperature.


  • Adding a roof shelf and taking advantage of
  • traditional storage spaces can help you maintain accessories
  • and tools for desert and off-road driving, based on the above

This is another feature of driving an electric off-road

car when compared with conventional vehicles or cars in particular.

Ability to add power generators

Just as electric vehicles have empty space in their front box

Owners will be able to install solar panels and pack additional batteries for use in order to increase electric battery power and support them for better use, including using them to power the refrigerator and to provide wasted electricity to charge phones and similar electrical accessories that can be used inside the vehicle In general, this is also a positive feature of off-road driving

by electric vehicle;

These additional generators provide

more power to the battery and enhance the range and range of the battery.

Advanced and superior performance

The electric vehicle production sector has been able to achieve

impressive technical development and has been able to include elements in electric vehicles for rugged areas including technologies that qualify these vehicles to provide high horsepower As you can find electric cars with horsepower equivalent to 400 to 1,100 horsepower and perhaps even more

This is coupled with the high volume of torque in electric vehicles;

From better control and stability when driving an electric off-road car and difficult terrain.

In addition :

some EV models feature ground height and a modified

and sophisticated suspension system.

Electric vehicles can be automatically adjusted to

fit potential shocks when driving an EV on rugged roads.

There are also many other sophisticated features that support the performance of cars or EVs to achieve the best and most superior, for example; The GMC Hummer EV features 18 cameras displaying the vehicle's terrain and revealing to drivers the elements, entities or people on their way, thereby increasing the safety and safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles alike.

Off-road driving efficiency with an electric car

Many Lauf Road electric vehicles are provided with off-road

or off-road driving mode that can be customized when driving an electric car on rough roads, such as "Rivian R1T" vehicles.

Moreover :

driving an electric off-road vehicle enables drivers to control

the power and torque delivered to the wheels

Renewable braking in electric vehicles provides a sudden reduction in power

whereby many systems and elements in conventional vehicles or vehicles such as traction control will not be required. for example in conventional SUVs.

Defects in driving an electric off-road car

Besides what you :

celebrate driving Off Road using an electric car;

There are also some disadvantages, noting that there are limitations imposed on companies that make electric cars for off-road areas to meet the purpose of these cars.

Which restricts some features :

which makes it appear that there are downsides in the automobile industry

However :

once adjustments and after-sales allocations have been made to

the production of electric vehicles for desert or off-road driving

These cars and EVs :

will become more ready and equipped for off-road driving.

In general :

we include the next most significant defects of

driving an electric car on off-road or desert roads

Size :

  • While companies that manufacture electric vehicles
  • and vehicles focus on the production of large vehicles such as full-size
  • pickup trucks for off-road driving by electric vehicle

Compact or medium-sized SUVs usually provide better off-road driver control.

Modification and reform

Modifications to UVs usually achieve better customization of different types of off-road terrain

for example;

Although most EVs have adjustable and automatically controlled suspension systems

these vehicles are characterized by relatively new and superior technology

However :

upgrades to factory settings are still not available in many of these vehicles.


Some of the vehicle's exterior parts can be damaged

and eroded when driving an electric off-road or desert vehicle

given that these parts and spare parts are produced in small quantities and are scarce

in availability;

  • They may be much more expensive than conventional
  • car parts and parts in terms of cost, and drivers need
  • to be more careful driving off-road bumpers, mud liners and the like.

Vulnerability to weather conditions

Electric vehicles are characterized by sophisticated lithium batteries

but they can lose energy at freezing temperatures

and their performance may be affected by extremely high temperatures

for example; If conventional vehicles may be affected by a reduction of about 20% in the vehicle's fuel consumption during weather conditions with an average temperature of

about 12 ° C or less;

Electric cars may see a decrease of about 40%

in battery performance due to such temperatures.


As soon as the United Arab Emirates has experienced high temperatures

for almost all of the year

Drivers who prefer to drive an electric car on the off-road and other roads

Equipping their cars with solar panels as a precaution, which can help and benefit them if the batteries run out or are weak.

Worry about running out of shipping

Concern that a vehicle's battery or electric vehicle runs out of charge and does not cover the required range or distance is a real disadvantage for most drivers of these cars

However :

both solar panel elements and renewable braking can play an active role in increasing battery charging or rationalizing its consumption

In addition :

  • the UAE can benefit from electric vehicle charging stations provided
  • by bodies such as the Dubai Electricity
  • and Water Authority.

and Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

  1. along with Tesla charging stations in
  2. the UAE power stations provide electric vehicles
  3. with the necessary charging to help them complete

the road smoothly, unhindered and generally

The infrastructure of the UAE's electric vehicle charging stations is supported by driving an electric car on off-road or desert roads.

Electric cars to drive on rough roads

Many automakers have launched various vehicles suitable for off-road and desert driving. Most notably, what is available or will soon arrive in the UAE are as follows:

GMC Hammer EV

Hammer is known for its strong performance and exclusive off-road

capabilities worldwide and GMC recently announced the launch of a fully electric GMC Hammer EV, These will be available soon in 2023 in the UAE markets officially 830 horsepower and a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour, GMC Hammer EV will also reach more than 550 kilometres at full charge.

Rivian R1T :

R1T electric truck features a four-wheel drive and torque system directed to each wheel using individual engines which makes it an ideal option for off-road driving with an electric car, They come with 380mm adjustable ground clearance and drop to 200mm on normal roads This provides great protection for the truck from shocks, stones or difficult terrain on the road.

Cadillac Lyric :

The stunning Cadillac Lyric offers a range of up to 482 kilometres per charge thanks to its powerful EV battery And driving an electric off-road car will undoubtedly be an attractive adventure

for its lovers when

the Cadillac Lyric offers them a horsepower equivalent to 340 horsepower and a torque equal to 440 Nm with wheels measuring 22 inches

The all-new Timet Battery

Platform also guarantees a fair and equal distribution of 50-50 weight, and also allows drivers to drive sports and responsive to difficult terrain.

It should be noted that the Cadillac Lyric will be launched in the UAE in 2023 to be added to the list of electric cars for desert driving and off-road.

Ford F-150 Lightning

  • The fuel-powered Ford F-150 is among the best desert driving cars in the UAE
  • Vintage Ford recently had a fully electric F-150 lightning truck
  • although Ford F-150 Lightning has not yet been launched in the UAE

However :

it is worth mentioning in this list for its ideal features when reviewing off-road

or desert electric car driving options

  • including the F-150 Lightning with a stand-alone rear suspension
  • and a heavy battery pack that adjusts the center of gravity
  • making it ideal for an off-road driving experience with an electric car.

The list of the best electric cars for driving on rough roads extends to other models and types, some of which are in production and others which are not on their way to be available in anticipated electric vehicles during 2023


  1. Land Rover EV
  2. Tesla Cyber Leave
  3. Magneto pocket

In this article :

we have provided you with thorough and comprehensive information on the topic of off-road driving by electric vehicle

including illustrating the highlights of

the advantages and pros of driving an electric off

road car along with research into the disadvantages

and disadvantages of driving Off Road using an electric vehicle. In addition, review some of the best off-road electric vehicles with their exceptional and exquisite positives and features.