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Find the wreckage of the missing F-35 American fighter


Find the wreckage of :

the missing F-35 American fighter :

United States military base Charleston announced that infantry forces had found debris and parts of the F-35 off Indiantown Road, Florence County, and roads were being blocked in Williamsburg County.

ABC15 quoted citizens in the area as hearing the sound of

a low-flying plane, followed by loud noise in the area on Sunday night.

Randolph White

who lives a few miles from Indiantown Road


I heard the sound of an oncoming plane.

  1. It looks like they were flying relatively low.
  2. Then I heard an explosion. I neglected it
  3. and said maybe it

was a sound boom caused by breaking through the sound barrier. 

White added that

he always heard the sound of

military aircraft flying over his house

 but Sunday night was slightly different.

The location :

where the debris and parts were found is about two hours

or 80 miles northeast of the Joint Base of Charleston.

According to the Charleston Joint Base statement on Sunday

the fighter pilot was transferred to a local medical centre

and his condition was stable, after he himself jumped off the plane.

A spokesman for the military base confirmed that

the $100 million aircraft had been converted

into autopilot mode before the pilot's exit.

The aircraft is part of

  • the Combat Naval Attack Training Squadron (VMFAT)
  • 501 with the Second Naval Aircraft Wing.
  • It was stationed at the "Beaufort" Marine Corps Air Base.

In a statement, Joint Base Charleston stated that it

had used ground and air forces to search for the fighter.

They coordinate searches

with Marine Corps Air Station "Beaufort"

Marine Corps Wing II "Cherry Point", Southeast Maritime Zone

Federal Aviation Administration and Civil Air Patrol

as well as local :

provincial and state law enforcement across South Carolina.

Officials continue to

refer to the incident as an "unfortunate incident"

and did not elaborate on the cause of the pilot's exit from the aircraft.

The Second Naval Wing stated that the incident

was under investigation and no further details

could be provided to "preserve the integrity of the investigation process .

Officials said :

The Ministry of the Navy has

a well-defined process of investigating aircraft accidents.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office officials on

Monday asked residents not to touch

or move any piece of the wreckage they might find.


they should contact them.

The circumstances of

  • the missing fighter jet's fall have left people confused.
  • On Sunday night, South Carolina Representative
  • Nancy Mays went to X to ask questions


"No one knows if the F-35 is in the air or underwater."

In the same vein U.S.

Marine Commander Eric Smith issued a two-day suspension decision

this week for all flight units inside and outside the United States

following the fall of the "F-35" fighter in South Carolina.

The loss of

this aircraft has opened the door to much irony

and Internet scarcity because of its advantages in stealth

and this fifth-generation fighter is equipped

with techniques to avoid radar monitoring.