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Musk joined the X platform (Twitter) when his honoring of a Ukrainian Nazi was exposed in Canada


Musk joined the X platform (Twitter)

when his honoring of :

a Ukrainian Nazi was exposed in Canada :

American businessman Elon Musk confirmed that the story of

  • honoring Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Honka in
  • the Canadian Parliament would not have been exposed
  • if he had not taken control of the social networking site Twitter.

A user of the social network :

"He diverted attention from the story by calling it

'Russian disinformation' and it's possible that old Twitter would have censored it."

  1. Under his message
  2. Elon Musk
  3. who bought the social network last year



University of Ottawa political scientist Ivan Kachanovsky

was the first to draw attention to the incident in which

the Canadian Parliament

in honor of Vladimir Zelensky's visit

invited 98-year-old Jaroslav Honka to

the applauding audience as a veteran of the fight against the Russians.

The political :

expert pointed out the evidence that :

Honky was actually a fighter in the "Galychyna" division of the "SS"

forces :

  • which was staffed by Ukrainian nationalists
  • who not only fought the Red Army


Belarusians and Slovaks.

As Kachanovsky wrote :

the Forward newspaper was the first to respond to his comments

becoming the first Western media outlet to report on the scandal

and the story subsequently received widespread media coverage in

the international media.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

later apologized for the "huge mistake"

  1. of honoring the Ukrainian Nazis
  2. but refused to acknowledge responsibility for it
  3. blaming the outgoing Speaker of Parliament.

The Canadian opposition

sees Prime Minister Trudeau as a "clown"

Canadian Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre said that

the world considers Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a clown because of

the scandal linked to the visit of Ukrainian Nazi Jaroslav Honka to Parliament.

This came in Poilievre’s speech to

the Canadian Parliament, in which he continued

The Prime Minister is seen as a clown on the world stage.

Whether he or the Liberal Speaker of Parliament is blamed for inviting

a Nazi to the House of Commons, we all agree that

it took 5 days for "He apologizes.

Instead of defending Canada's damaged reputation

Trudeau was concerned about his own reputation.

Trudeau had previously apologized for the "grave mistake"

of honoring an elderly Ukrainian Nazi (98 years old)

who served in the 1st Ukrainian Division

known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division

which served under the command of the Nazis in World War II.

The Ukrainian Nazi's call led to

the resignation of Council Speaker Anthony Rota

and caused great embarrassment to the Canadian government

and reactions continued as Poland began to seek the extradition of

Jaroslaw Honka to it, as he was among those

who committed crimes against the Polish people.

  1. They wanted to honor him
  2. so they caused him to be deported...
  3. The story of the old Ukrainian Nazi in Canada

Inviting old Ukrainian

Canadian Nazi Jaroslav Hunka to

the Canadian House of Commons not only caused Speaker Anthony Rota to resign

but also threatened him with deportation from Canada.

Honka's invitation to

the Canadian House of Commons during the visit of

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had caused great embarrassment to

the Canadian government, followed by the resignation of

Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota

and a massive wave of anger from Jewish organizations and communities.

However :

the story did not stop there

as reactions came from all directions.

In an interview with a Canadian television channel

Jaroslav Honka :

the Ukrainian Nazi warrior


“If I had known what would confront me

I would not have gone to this parliament.

I am 98 years old

and I have faced intense hatred that is difficult

for you to imagine. All I wanted was to leave this world.

"Quietly with my family. Now I will have to go to my friends in South America."

Poland had announced its attempt to extradite Honka as one of

those who committed crimes against the Polish people

as a fighter from the 1st Ukrainian Division

known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division

which served under the command of the Nazis in World War II and Adolf Hitler.


Education Minister Bjamslaw Czarnik

said he had already taken "steps towards Jaroslaw Honka's extradition"

to Poland :

as he called on the Polish Institute of

National Remembrance to search and investigate past crimes

against the Polish nation, and "urgently examine"

whether Honka is wanted for crimes against the Polish people. Of Jewish origin.

For its part

  • the Jewish community in Canada, represented
  • by the Center for Israeli and Jewish Affairs
  • expressed its deep dismay at receiving
  • a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament.

The Jewish 

community confirmed in a tweet to

  • the center on the X website that it
  • cannot remain silent about the whitewashing of

In turn, the CEO of B'nai Brith Canada

Michael Mostyn


"We will not allow history to be whitewashed "

and continued:

"It is infuriating that Parliament honors a former member of

a Nazi unit in this way. Canadian soldiers fought and died to liberate

the world from the evils of Nazi brutality.