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Musk: Using Starlink to hit Crimea runs counter to SpaceX rules



Using Starlink to

hit Crimea runs counter to SpaceX rules

US businessman Elon Musk said Ukraine may not use SpaceX's Starlink

network in hitting Crimea, as this violates the use agreement with the company.

Musk wrote on his social media page X:

  • Neither I nor anyone at SpaceX pledged that the network
  • would operate near Crimea. Moreover,
  • our Use Agreement clearly prohibits the use of

Starlink in offensive military operations, because we are a civilian system

Musk also noted that :

SpaceX is currently building Starshield, a network that matches Starlink

but is smaller in size and will be under the control of the U.S. government.

Earlier :

CNN reported :

  • quoting Musk's biographer Walter Isaacson
  • to be released on September 12, that Musk
  • had ordered a curtailment of the work of the Starlink satellite

internet near :

Crimea and thus thwarted the Ukrainian attack on the Russian fleet.

CNN stated that Musk's conduct in this form was due to his concern that

Russia might respond to "little Pearl Harbor" with nuclear weapons.

Musk :

Ukraine's conflict exposed the main military vulnerability of the United States

US billionaire Elon Musk said in a tweet on X that Ukraine's conflict

had exposed the slow pace of arms production in the US, its main military weakness.

As such :

Musk commented on a post on the social network of

the Defence Industries Company "Andoryl Industries"

calling for the transformation of :

the military potential of the United States and its allies through

the establishment of a new set of institutions of

the Military Industrial Complex to "restart the arsenal of democracy.

Musk noted that the creation of any new prototypes is an easy task

while the preparation of production processes remains difficult and complex.

He added:

  • Ultimately, any specific conflict is calculated
  • by multiplying the number of combat objects
  • by the proportion of casualties and losses. 

from the slow pace of production, as we see in Ukraine .


the Wall Street Journal reported, U.S.

officials were concerned by the depletion of U.S.

weapons stockpiles due to the injection of supplies into Kiev

which could jeopardize U.S. combat readiness.

According to her :

in the United States from the moment the ammunition's request

is submitted until its production, it takes one to one

and a half years. The resupply of more "sophisticated"

weapons such as missiles and drones may take much longer.