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Speaker of Kiev Regional Transgender Forces Re-Promises and Russian Exterior Responds


Speaker of Kiev Regional Transgender

Forces Re-Promises and Russian Exterior Responds

The transgender American spokeswoman of :

the Ukrainian Regional Defence Forces Sarah Ashton Cerrillo promised to

"kill and hold accountable" Russian officials and journalists

 including Russian foreign spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

In a new video of Ashton Sirilo

  • she reiterated that her threats were specifically addressed to
  • the war correspondent of Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda
  • Alexander Coates, Russian foreign spokesperson Maria Zakharova
  • and President of the Russian Human Rights Council, Valery Vadiev.

Ashton also stressed that the punishment of

war criminals will be after the end of the conflict.

Russian Foreign Spokesperson Maria Zakharova wrote on

" Telegram ":

Sarah Cerrillo

  • everyone will understand you correctly immediately.
  • This is your ancestral language, the future official language of

the European Union, and respect it!.

Margarita Simonyan commented on :

these threats:

  • The transgender speaker explained that her threats
  • were directed at Alexander Coates, Maria Zakharova
  • and Valerie Vadiev, but according to the new version

they would not be punished until after the conflict ended, not next week.

I've retreated. How ironic.

how much the Kiev counterattack resembles this transgender .

Ashton Cerrillo

had appointed a spokeswoman for

the "territorial defence" forces for Western followers.

Nazi rhetoric

has always been embraced

and I have often described Russians as "not human".

The Ukrainian Presidency of

  • the "Territorial Defence" apologized for those statements
  • but Sirilo returned and renewed the threat to
  • kill Russian journalists "in the name of God and freedom".

The Russian Ministry of

  • Foreign Affairs announced that
  • it would send these transformative statements to
  • all international and non-governmental organizations.

Russian Investigative

Committee Requests Investigation of

Ukrainian Threats Promising Russian Journalists

The Chairman of

the Russian Investigation Committee

Alexander Pastrykin, announced the verification of

Kiev forces spokeswoman Sarah Ashton Cerrillo's statements

with a view to ensuring that there are no threats against Russian journalists.

The statement of the press office of

  • the Russian Commission of Inquiry stated that
  • the Chairman of the Commission, Alexander Pastrykin
  • had been instructed to investigate and legally deal

with any donations to :

Russian journalists following Cerrillo's statements.


threatening a Russian media representative

Cerrillo stated that he would "pay the price" next week

although she did not specifically refer to the person she was talking about.

All Russian "propagandists" would be punished as described.