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The secrets of the world's richest men ( Elon Musk )


The secrets of the world's richest men

Walter Isaacson, biographer of the world's richest billionaire

Elon Musk, revealed a number of facts that

no one knew about the famous American businessman.

Yesterday :

I published Elon Musk's new autobiography

which contains colourful details of the lives of one of the world's richest men.

The best-selling :

biographer of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs :

  • Walter Isaacson, and the author of
  • Musk's illuminating humor series gave access to
  • many facts that missed Musk's followers and fans.

Perhaps the first truth we learn

from the book is Musk's "difficult" relationship with his father

  • where Musk was born in South Africa
  • and suffered a fraught relationship with his father Errol
  • who worked as an engineer.

Isaacson writes that Errol

  • Musk's father, was too pressured for Musk
  • while Musk says "adversity" shaped him
  • as "the threshold for pain became too high."

The American businessman learned hypnosis

as a child and convinced his sister that she was a "dog."

Business Insider :

  • quoting the autobiography by Isaacson
  • states that Musk "learned how to do magic tricks
  • and hypnotize people, was not a painful child
  • and liked to read books and conduct experiments.

The book also

follows Musk's grave concern about AI :

with Musk telling Isaacson that human consciousness is threatened

by the possibility of ultra-smart and uncontrollable AI systems

with Musk asking :

What can be done to make AI safe?

  • I continue to struggle with that idea.
  • What actions can we take to reduce the risk of
  • artificial intelligence and ensure the survival of human consciousness? 

The book monitors Musk's complex role in the Ukrainian crisis

where Musk's satellite communications unit

Starlink :

plays a key role in Ukraine's defense

  • and when a Russian cyberattack crippled the Ukrainian satellite
  • communications network an hour before the start of
  • Musk intervened after a call for help

from Ukrainian officials and the country's deputy prime minister.

At the same time

however :

  • Musk asked his engineers to "stop the coverage of Starlink
  • which would have facilitated an attack by submarines marching on
  • the Russian Navy at the Sevastopol base in Crimea for fear of


and could be interpreted as collusion

by Space X in a major act of war and escalation of conflict.

During the plenary session of :

the Eighth Economic East Forum in Far Eastern Syria :

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Musk as "a distinguished person

and a talented businessman, and the whole world recognizes this.

Much is being done, including with the support of American State institutions.