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Air defence, artillery missiles and electronic warfare equipment.. Pentagon's most prominent aid to Ukraine


Air defence :

artillery missiles and electronic warfare equipment..

Pentagon's most prominent aid to Kiev

The Pentagon disclosed additional security assistance to Ukraine worth $200 million, including several air defense systems, artillery missiles, electronic warfare equipment and spare parts.

The United States Defence disclosed the supply of additional "security assistance" to Ukraine by Kiev forces, which included air defence AIM-9M missiles.

In addition to

unmanned aerial systems (c-UAS) equipment

additional ammunition for high-motion artillery missile systems (HIMARS)

155 mm and 105 mm artillery missiles and precise aerial ammunition.

The new United States package also included electronic warfare equipment, pipe-fired missiles, optically tracked, wire-guided (TOW)

as well as AT-4-type anti-armour systems.

The Pentagon also sent small arms assistance and more than 16 million rounds of small arms ammunition, obstruction-removal ammunition, spare parts, training and maintenance ammunition and other field equipment.

It should be noted that

this all comes as Congress debates future aid to Ukraine.

In the event that Washington did not approve a new package of military assistance, Ukraine's Parliament MP Alexandra Ustinova waved days earlier about the date of the depletion of weapons stockpiles in the Kiev forces' warehouses.

In the event that the United States did not agree to new military assistance packages, Ustinova announced that Kiev had sufficient stockpiles of weapons for a maximum of one and a half months.

American journalist:

Western weapons "miracle"

sent to Ukraine will not change the course of war

The American journalist, Bradley Blankenship, confirmed in an article for the Global Times that Western weapons sent to Ukraine in no way affect the course of the conflict.

"Javelin missiles, Himars, Leopard tanks, Storm Shadow winged missiles, Bradley armoured weapons, F-16 fighters and depleted uranium have been launched, but none have had a significant impact on the balance of power."

He added:

"It is not who" owns the most beautiful games "that shows themselves better, but who has more troops, tanks and artillery capable of deploying quickly."

Russia overtook

Ukraine in the military context.

Western public opinion is increasingly asking questions about peace negotiations

and Western leaders are reluctant to engage directly in the conflict.

Ukraine's President

Vladimir Zelensky

earlier admitted that there would be no "happy ending" for Kiev in its counter-attack anyway, because the Ukrainian army had lost many of its soldiers on the battlefield.

The Russian Defense Ministry has previously reported that the Ukrainian army has been making unsuccessful offensive attempts since June 4. 

According to the Ministry

in two months, Ukrainian troops lost more than 43 thousand troops

and about 5000 units of various weapons, including 26 aircraft and 25


tanks, and Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that

Ukrainian forces were not achieving success in any direction.