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Biden: One of my priorities is to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza urgently



One of my priorities is to

address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza urgently

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he was giving priority to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza urgently, adding that he was committed to returning detained Americans.

Our teams in the region are working to increase support

including reaching out directly to the governments of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, other Arab countries and the United Nations," Biden told reporters during a tour of Philadelphia.

Bloomberg reported on Friday

 citing a senior State Department official that Washington was working with the United Nations and other organizations to establish safe zones for civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The White House also announced that the first U.S. state-organized flight to fly Americans from Israel during the Gaza conflict had left Israel and was now on its way to an undisclosed location in Europe.

Russian President

Vladimir Putin said the blockade of

Gaza was unacceptable, adding that the calls we hear

including in the United States

for a blockade of Gaza recall the blockade of Leningrad last century.

The unacceptable Israeli blockade of Gaza is similar to the Nazi siege of Leningrad.

The Palestinian Ministry of

Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed on Friday that the Durra Children's Hospital in eastern Gaza had been evacuated after being targeted by the Israeli army with white phosphorus bombs. 

t also announced that

the number of victims of Israel's aggression had risen to 1,900, including 614 children and 370 women, and that 7,696 citizens had suffered various injuries, including 2,000 children and 1400 women.

The war on Gaza entered its seventh day following Operation

"Deluge al-Aqsa"

 launched by Hamas fighters last Saturday

 in response to continued attacks by Israeli forces and settlers against the Palestinian people, property and holy sites, in particular the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, as Israel's violent bombardment of civilian targets continued inside the Strip.