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"CNN": 2000 Marines on their way to the shores of Israel



2000 Marines on their way to the shores of Israel

The United States directed a rapid response team of 2,000 Marines

to Mediterranean shores off Israel

sources at the Department of Defense revealed.


quoted the sources as saying :

  • The U.S. Marine Rapid Reaction Force is heading to Israel's shores.
  • 2,000 marines and sailors will join the growing number of

American officials said it did not mean that troops would certainly deploy

or that any of them would be used in a combat role if they went to Israel.

However "

  • the Defence Minister's decision shortened
  • the time when the designated forces would have to
  • prepare for deployment if ordered to move.


  • an offensive group in the eastern Mediterranean
  • and the White House stressed that its deployment in

the region should deter third parties from further escalation in Israel.

Then Pentagon Chief  :

Lloyd Austin announced the dispatch of :

  • an attack group with the USS Eisenhower to the shores of Israel
  • which also includes a guided missile cruiser and destroyers

Austin said :

that the deployment of :

warships referred to Washington's "firm commitment to Israel's security

and our determination to deter any State or non-State

actor seeking to escalate this war."

Israeli Channel 13:

Biden will land in Jordan for security considerations

before heading to Israel Wednesday

US President Joe Biden will land in Jordan due to security considerations

and from there he will take off for Israel on Wednesday.

The White House

  • confirmed that US President Joe Biden had received
  • the visit had not yet been announced.

According to Israeli media

Biden could arrive in Israel on Wednesday

while U.S.

National Security Council strategic communications coordinator

John Kirby told CNN:

There was an invitation to visit Israel from Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu, but again, for now, there is nothing to report about the visit.

Biden :

has visited Israel many times :

and I have no doubt that he will go again

he knows that this is a critical time for the State of

Israel :

and for the Israeli people Biden canceled a planned visit to

Colorado on Monday to "focus on what is happening between Israel and Hamas.

On Monday

the US Secretary of State returned to Israel

for the second time since the war began

after an Arab tour during which he sought to rally

support against Hamas

and seek ways to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The Gaza Strip continues to

  • suffer as a result of Israel's attack on Gaza
  • its inhabitants becoming victims of dozens of deaths
  • and hundreds of casualties caused by Israeli aircraft strikes.

For its part :

the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that

the toll from Israel's ongoing bombing had risen to 2808 deaths

and that more than 11 thousand others had been wounded.

According to Palestinian Ministry of

Health statistics :

nearly 1,000 children and 700 women were killed as a result of

the Israeli raids :

and more than 2,000 children and 1,400 women were injured.

The Qassam Brigades

the military wing of Hamas, announced the dawn of

an operation on Saturday, October 7, 2023. "Al-Aqsa Deluge"

fired more than 5 :

thousand rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian fighters carried out qualitative operations

storming a number of cover settlements

clashing with a street war with Israeli forces, killing and wounding a number of them

 capturing a number of soldiers and settlers, and controlling Israeli mechanisms.