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"CNN": US concern over Israeli intelligence failure over Hamas' bombing attack on Gaza cover



US concern over Israeli intelligence failure

over Hamas' bombing attack on Gaza cover

US officials confirmed in a statement to CNN on Saturday that they had received

no warning through intelligence that Hamas was preparing to attack Israel.


reported that this had led to confusion

over how Israel had failed to detect preparations for the rocket attacks.

Hamas's ability to coordinate undetected attacks on

Israeli :

towns has raised concerns about blind information

gathering technology

for US intelligence officials," a senior US intelligence official told CNN.

US officials

have been monitoring indications of

heightened tensions in recent months, but there has been no intelligence

at the tactical level to alert US officials that an attack of

this magnitude will occur on this day, according to the Network.

The network noted that

the question now for US and Israeli intelligence officials is

whether there are indications that have not been overlooked.

or whether

Israel and the United States failed to

  • gather any information that would help predict the attack
  • The official stated that Israelis and Americans
  • would compile reports in the coming days to

find out whether there were

  • things that were missing or whether there was intelligence gathered
  • and misread or whether there was a totally dark area
  • about which they knew nothing.

A senior US military official also stated that the US

"has not tracked any imminent attack on Israel in the past few days."

Other U.S.

officials explained that

"if the United States had intelligence indicating that

the attack was near

it would undoubtedly have shared that information with Israel."


officials say Israelis also have some of

  • the best capabilities to penetrate encrypted communications
  • which is partly why U.S. officials have been shocked not to
  • reveal preparations for Saturday's attacks.


intelligence officials focus on

understanding secure communications and training used in attacks

and whether this knowledge is shared with other groups elsewhere.


officials publicly admitted on

Saturday that they were surprised by the rocket attack


We were surprised this morning, as for the failure

we prefer not to talk at this point now, we are in war and fighting.

Israeli ;

army spokesman Richard Hecht told :


  • I am sure this will be a big question once this event is over
  • and I think the intelligence issue will be talked about in
  • the future and we will know what happened.

In response to :

a direct question as to :

whether this was an intelligence failure by Israel

Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog

acknowledged the existence of an "element of surprise"

but said that questions about intelligence failure related to the future.

We will get to that later, at the moment, we have to go to war

win it as I said, and later we will have time to investigate what happened.

The Qassam Brigades

the military wing of Hamas, launched at dawn on Saturday

October 7, 2023, Operation "Al-Aqsa Deluge"

launching more than 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip.

During the first hours of the battle

Palestinian fighters carried out qualitative operations

storming a number of cover settlements

  1. clashing with a street war with Israeli forces
  2. killing and wounding a number of them
  3. capturing a number of soldiers and settlers
  4. and taking control of Israeli mechanisms.

Israeli forces acknowledged deaths in their ranks

as well as Israeli prisoners in Hamas' hands, without specifying their number.

It should :

be noted that the Israeli army launched Operation

"Iron Swords" in response to the "Tuvan al-Aqsa"

and launched raids on the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Ministry of

Health in Gaza announced on Saturday evening that the Palestinian death

toll in the Strip had reached 232

and about 1,700 others as a result of the Israeli bombing.

The Israeli

army allows the names of

26 people killed in its ranks, including senior officers.

On Sunday

the Israeli army allowed the names of 26 dead in its ranks to

be released during clashes with Hamas-affiliated Qassam Brigades on

Saturday, including senior officers.

The Israeli army said that

  • among the dead were the commander of the Nahal Brigade
  • deputy commander of the Magellan contingent, commander of
  • the communications battalion, officers of the Interior Front
  • 51st Battalion, 77th Battalion, 13th Battalion and Davdovan.

The Israeli Health Ministry announced on Sunday that Israel's death toll

had risen to more than 300 and 1,600, including 318 serious injuries.

Channel 12 of Israel

stated that 360 injuries had been transferred to

the Parzilai hospital in Ashkelon, of whom 96 were in critical condition.

The "Al-Qassam Brigades"

announced at dawn on Saturday the launch of Operation "Al-Aqsa"

with an unprecedented onslaught


air and sea attack initiated by the launch of thousands of missiles.

For its part

the Israeli army announced Operation

"Iron Swords" against Hamas and launched raids on the Gaza Strip.


Commando fighters carried out a successful operation on

Ashkelon's shores and took control of positions

The Qassam Brigades

the military wing of Hamas

  • announced that 5 boats loaded with Qassam Navy commando fighters
  • were able to carry out a successful justification operation on
  • the shores of southern Ashkelon.

She said in

a statement posted through her official channel on


5 boats loaded with Qassam Navy commando fighters participated in

the first moments of the Battle of Tufan al-Aqsa

and were able by God to carry out a successful justification operation on

the shores of southern Ashkelon.

The statement added:

"Our fighters managed to control several areas

managed their operations ably

and the enemy suffered enormous loss of life

and a number of them continue to fight until these moments.

In the same vein

the military correspondent for the "Jerusalem Companies"

  • the military wing of the Islamic Jihad
  • reported that elite fighters in the Jerusalem companies
  • continue to work together with the "Qassam Brigades" in several axes.

The correspondent said:

Our fighters in the elite forces together with their brothers in

the Qassam Brigades have been continuously clashing

for more than 30

hours in several axes in the so-called Gaza cover settlements

  • and we stress that the enemy is fighting from behind the merit
  • and fearing progress, and what we need is to pray to
  • the children of our heroic people.

On Saturday 7 October 2023

the "Qassam Brigades", Hamas' military wing

announced the launch of Operation Tufan al-Aqsa

firing more than 5 thousand rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian fighters also carried out qualitative operations

storming a number of

  • cover settlements, clashing with street warfare with Israeli forces
  • killing and wounding a number of soldiers and settlers
  • and taking control of Israeli mechanisms.