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Mia Khalifa loses her work with Playboy magazine after supporting Hamas


Mia Khalifa loses her work with

Playboy magazine after supporting Hamas

Former porn actress and Lebanese-born blogger Mia Khalifa lost her contract with Playboy magazine after publicly supporting Hamas.

Business Today reported that Khalifa posted on social media X a comment about Hamas's recent attack on Israel, calling Palestinians "freedom fighters", which drew a barrage of criticism.

According to the website

Playboy magazine, where Khalifa worked, informed its subscribers in an e-mail newsletter of the expulsion and deleted her channel on their platform.

In addition

in response to her publication

journalist Todd Shapiro, who runs his own show on Canadian television, also wrote that he had terminated his contract with Khalifa and urged her to "evolve and become better."

The former star replied:

I would like to say that supporting Palestine cost me business opportunities

but I am very angry with myself because I did not check in advance that

I was dealing with Zionists.

Last Saturday

Hamas launched Operation Tufan al-Aqsa

during which thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip

carrying out qualitative operations involving the intrusion of several settlements into the Gaza envelope, and a street war between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces

which responded by launching Operation Iron Swords and carrying out violent airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

As Operation Taufan al-Aqsa entered its fifth day

Palestinian factions continued to fire rockets as Israel's ramping up in the Gaza Ocean, coinciding with increased tension in the North and intensified political mobility.

Head of the Duma Defense Committee:

Hamas attack fails Israeli intelligence

The Israeli army recognizes the identities of 60 Hamas captives.

"A storm call between Sisi and Netanyahu.."

Former brigade close to Egyptian president reveals important details


US Air Force evacuates US military personnel from Israel

Hezbollah targets Israeli position with guided missiles

and Israeli army responds by bombing areas in southern Lebanon


US coordinates plan to evacuate "Palestinians and Americans" via Rafah

Bin Ghafir instructs to prepare Operation "Protective Shield 2" in the West Bank 

France's authorities ban two pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Paris

Israeli army:

destruction of Hamas' aerial surveillance system 

Our correspondence:

The Israeli army is deploying a long-range missile system in Jerusalem

Captive Club: 150 Palestinians arrested in the Bank since the start of

the"Al-Aqsa Tuvan"

What is the "Gaza Cover"?

Gaza Health Ministry: 950 dead

and 5,000 injured since the outbreak of aggression against Gaza

Blinken to Israel and Jordan

More than 260 people have been displaced inside Gaza.

Suspension of all flights at London's Luton Airport due to a large fire

US expert: Israel will be defeated if Hezbollah intervenes on Hamas side

Israeli Media: Israeli Forces Bombard Qassam Commander's Father's House

Kill Family Members

The Israeli army allows the names of 14 new dead to be published in its ranks, bringing the number to 169

"Wint": Israeli death toll rises to 1,200 plus 200 prisoners

Our correspondent:

Israeli raids on a building housing government institutions in central Rafah

southern Gaza Strip

Congressman in judicial complaint:

Biden contributed to funding Hamas attacks

New contact between Biden and Netanyahu:

Strengthening U.S.

support for Israel with gear

"Al-Aqsa Deluge..."

Israeli officials express concerns over death toll and detainees

"Burn us down."

Israeli aircraft destroys Gaza's Karama neighbourhood with a torrent of raids Hebrew media: Rocket fire from Syria into Israel