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"Times of Israel": Biden confirmed support for land war on Gaza


"Times of Israel":

Biden confirmed support for land war on Gaza

US President Joe Biden has confirmed his support for Israel in the land war on the Gaza Strip, Israeli media outlets said, amid great satisfaction with the US Aid Security Foundation.

The Times of Israel, citing sources, said Israel had received the support of the US president to continue the second phase of the ground incursion into Gaza

stating that Biden had said during his meeting with the Israeli prime minister that he "fully supported Israel's plans for ground entry into the Gaza Strip to bring down the Hamas regime."

For its part, the newspaper Ma 'arif reported that "the security institution is very satisfied with American assistance in the areas of combat, processing and ammunition".

A security source told the newspaper:

 "Everything we ask to receive, with the exception of the unprecedented flow of


the Americas are already in logic and cooperation with the US Central Command is reflected in the common intelligence situation and much more

with Americans referring to Hezbollah and Iran as being interested in securing the northern wing and a third aircraft carrier en route to the region."

According to Ynet

the United States Navy announced that the command

and control vessel of the Sixth United States Fleet, Mount Whitney

was heading to the eastern Mediterranean to support United States operations in the region, and that the vessel based in Italy would join the two aircraft carriers already sent to the region. 

The Gaza

Strip has been under Israeli land

sea and air bombardment since Hamas and other Palestinian factions launched Operation Deluge al-Aqsa on October 7, and the Gaza Strip is under siege, which Russian President Vladimir Putin called "unacceptable".

The Israeli operation "Iron Swords", which killed more than 3478 and wounded more than 13 thousand, was met by the "Tufan al-Aqsa".

On the Israeli side, 1,400 people were killed, 306 of them between an officer and a soldier, while Hamas captured more than 200 Israelis.

The horrors of Gaza are dwarfing.

How the rocket attack turned into an unidentified "explosion"

Most politicians and the media in the West used the word explosion to talk about what happened at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which killed 471 unarmed civilians.

US President Joe Biden has also spoken of an "explosion"

and declared his conviction of the Israeli narrative

which tries in vain to remove its responsibility and attach it to its opponents

 especially with many strong evidence of its responsibility for the massacre.

The manner in which American newspapers dealt with the incident at the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip is evident in the "transformations" of the news on the New York Times website

from an "Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip hospital, to an" Israeli attack "and only an" attack ", and then an" explosion ".

Coverage of the bloody event took place on

the site of the American newspaper as follows:

The Israeli attack killed hundreds of people in the hospital.

As a result of the attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip

at least 500 people were killed.

An explosion at a hospital in the Gaza Strip killed at least 500 people.

Major American media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, MSNBC and Fox News, spoke like one choir in the same way.

The US newspaper

Politico covered the heartbreaking news by saying:

There was a powerful explosion on Tuesday in a hospital in Gaza City

overcrowded with wounded people and Palestinians who were refugees.

As a result, hundreds of people have died. 

In an article by an American journalist

the newspaper reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Netanyahu seeks to blame Hamas for the deaths of civilians

but numerous statements have been cited by the United Nations and other international organizations about Israel's involvement in numerous incidents.

In particular

it should be noted that Israeli tanks fired at a United Nations school in the central part of Gaza, where 4,000 Palestinians were sheltering. Six people were killed

and dozens wounded. In total, at least 24 United Nations installations were attacked over the past week, killing at least 14 staff members ".

Bloomberg, in turn, puts it awfully that Biden should "take into account the growing anger of the international community about the actions of Tel Aviv," stating earlier that U.S.

President Joe Biden

had initially seen his visit as an opportunity to provide

additional humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian civilian population.


the hospital's bombardment put that task and regional stability in jeopardy.


Biden shortened his journey programme and will focus primarily on

demonstrating public support for Israel. 

The Spanish newspaper Elmondo spoke differently

writing about the bloody incident: "Given the massive destruction of the building

it seems unlikely that a missile similar to that used

by terrorist groups in Gaza will lead to such a disaster.

The British newspaper Economist argues that the tragedy could be

"caused by a Palestinian missile intercepted by the Israeli Air Defense."

The German newspaper Zud Deutsche Zeitung

describing reactions in the region to the rocket attack


"Across the Arab world

 people demonstrated on Tuesday evening to express outrage over the rocket attack on the Gaza Strip's private hospital, which reportedly killed hundreds of civilians."

The German

newspaper recalls that in the early days of

the escalation, politicians in Europe and the United States only emphasized Israel's right to self-defence ", while many" in the Arab world, long before yesterday

were talking about (the genocide in Gaza)

and collective punishment of an entire people .

The German newspaper itself saw it as a "cold bucket of water"

for Western society

which it said was news that Israel is asking all Gazans to flee to the south of

the enclave, but at the same time intensifying the bombing of

this particular area, where women and children are dying again.

In this way

the airstrike on the Baptist Hospital in Gaza turns into an "explosion"

that initially conceals the perpetrator.

The official Israeli narrative is immediately adopted.

It is stated with enthusiasm that the Palestinians bombed themselves. The truth is lost and the brute force continues its way through the temple with ruin and blood.