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Biden thanks Prince Tamim and Sisi for their help in the prisoner deal between Hamas and Israel


Biden thanks Prince Tamim

President El-Sisi

and Netanyahu for helping them

make prisoner deal between Hamas and Israel

US President Joe Biden thanked the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for helping them make the prisoner deal.

In details, Joe Biden explained in a speech on Friday evening that

he expects to release more hostages in the coming days

noting that "today's release of hostages is the beginning."

Biden added

"Over the past few weeks, I have spoken repeatedly with

the Emir of Qatar

Egyptian President El-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister

 Netanyahu to help secure and conclude this deal

(the prisoner swap deal within the truce between Hamas and Israel).

I would like to thank the three leaders

for their personal participation in the accomplishment of this matter. 

"I spoke with Prince Sisi and Prime Minister Netanyahu again on

Wednesday to confirm the elements of engagement.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said

the Israeli administration was committed to the return of 

all prisoners, adding that "this is one of the objectives of

the war and we are committed to achieving all the objectives of the war."

The Israeli army and Shabak had announced that prisoners released

from Gaza under a prisoner swap with Hamas had arrived inside Israeli territory.

On Friday evening

buses for Palestinian prisoners freed from Ofer prison arrived in

the West Bank municipality of Petunia as part of the exchange deal with Israel.

The temporary truce between the Israeli Government

and Hamas took effect from Friday morning, when it will last four days.

As the war on

Gaza entered its 49th day

Israeli forces intensified their raids on sporadic areas of the Gaza Strip

and stormed hospitals just before the temporary truce came into force

causing dozens of deaths and injuries.


Hamas announced that

it had reached an agreement with Israel to fire 50 Israelis in exchange

for a 4-day cessation of hostilities, the release of

150 Palestinian women and children in Israeli prisons

and increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza.