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Democratic lawmakers criticize Biden's handling of Israel-Hamas war


Democratic lawmakers criticize

Biden's handling of Israel-Hamas war

US President Joe Biden faces outright opposition from a group in the Democratic Party over his bias towards Israel against Palestine, in the ongoing war on Gaza.

Biden has repeatedly

reiterated his full support for Israel

but many members of the progressive wing of Democrats, including Reps.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, have criticized his approach.

In a joint press conference with

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Biden said that the United States "will continue to
  • support Israel and stand with Israel today

Tlaib :

the first woman of Palestinian origin in Congress

said the approach did not recognize the Palestinian view

noting that "Biden has expressed little sympathy

  • for the millions of Palestinian civilians facing brutal airstrikes
  • and the threat of a land invasion of Gaza that

The Biden

administration is failing in its duty to protect

the lives of all civilians and Americans in Gaza

" she said, adding "

  • I cannot believe that I must beg our country to appreciate
  • the lives of every human being, regardless of their creed

Biden also came under fire when he expressed doubts

about Gaza's death toll last week.

Omar commented on Biden's statement:

There seems to be double standards when it comes to

Israeli civilian lives compared to Palestinians

asking :

How do you look at one atrocity and say:

This is wrong :

and then watch the bodies accumulate while

the neighbourhoods are levelled? In the past 10 days

Israel has dropped more bombs than the United States dropped in

a full year in 2016 on Afghanistan. Where is your humanity?

Where is your anger?

Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal

a staunch Biden supporter

said she was uncomfortable with the President's attitude towards Israel.

Speaking at a ceasefire march :

  • Democratic Representative Jamal Bowman said
  • I am deeply ashamed to be a member of Congress

I am ashamed to be a member of Congress when

I hear that our President does not appreciate the lives of everyone. 

Many Democrats are moving away from Biden when it comes to

calling for a ceasefire as Israeli ground forces penetrate deep into Gaza.

More than a dozen lawmakers introduced :

a resolution urging the Biden administration to "call for immediate

calm and ceasefire in Israel and Palestine

send humanitarian assistance to Gaza

and save as many lives as possible.