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Elon Musk fears AI risk if he becomes "homophobic"


Elon Musk

fears AI risk if he becomes "homophobic"

Elon Musk has been very open about his aspirations to push technology to its limits

from space travel to self-driving cars and others.

But Musk's recent comments indicate that

he is putting an end to artificial intelligence (AI).

While attending the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park to decode in wartime

Musk claimed that AI safety was "vital to the future of civilization."

It comes just a day after Musk appeared on Joe Rogan's show, where he claimed artificial intelligence could pose an existential risk if he became "anti-human."


and technology poles gather at Bletchley

Park as Oliver Dowden begins the first ever AI safety summit.

The Deputy Prime Minister launches

the conference at the historical wartime decoding base where experts

argue over the magnitude of risks from emerging technology.

Quoting British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's tweet

Musk simply wrote:

"The safety of artificial intelligence

is vital for the future of civilization."

Rishi Sunak's

original publication read:

The World Summit on AI Safety begins in the UK today.

Here's what we hope to achieve:

agree on the risks of AI, inform us how to manage it

discuss how we can better cooperate internationally

and consider how to use safe AI for the global public good. 

Musk said:

You have to say, how can artificial intelligence go wrong?

Well, if AI is programmed by Extinction Advocates

its job will be to work on the extinction of humanity. 

The risks of AI programming were

"implicit" in the belief that "

the extinction of humanity is what you should try to do

" was the "greatest danger" posed by technology.

Musk signed a letter calling for a six-month halt to the development of

artificial intelligence earlier this year.

AI resurrection

day may distract from the real danger!

Aidan Gomez

co-author of a paper that helped create the technology behind chatbots

said long-term risks

such as existential threats to humanity from artificial intelligence

should be "studied and pursued", but might distract politicians

from dealing with potential immediate risks.


is participating in the two-day AI Safety Summit

starting next Wednesday as CEO of 

ohere, a North American company that

makes AI tools for companies including chat robots.

In 2017

when Gomez was 20

he was part of a team of Google researchers who created Transformer

a key technology behind large language models that

run artificial intelligence tools such as automated chat software.

Concerns about the existential threat of

AI centre around the possible emergence of so-called general AI

a term for an AI system capable of

carrying out multiple tasks

at the level of human intelligence or above the level of

human intelligence - which can theoretically repeat itself

or avoid human control and decisions that run counter to human interests.

These concerns led to

the publication of an open letter in March, signed by more than 30 thousand tech professionals, including Elon Musk, calling for a six-month pause in giant AI trials.