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Expert reveals why unlimited US support for Israel


Expert reveal

why unlimited US support for Israel

Political scientist John Mirsheimer said the United States supports Israel for domestic political considerations, fearing the Israeli lobby in Washington.

"Current US President Joe Biden is not much different from his predecessor of US Presidents such as Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr.," he said.

He said:

There was a time when Israel

was an important strategic ally of the United States

 but today Washington's comprehensive

and unprecedented support for Israel cannot be interpreted as strategic or even moral considerations, specifically under the treatment that

Palestinians receive by Israel.

Mirsheimer noted the United States

 willingness to support all Israeli actions for domestic political purposes, stressing that from the standpoint of American law, pressuring interests even if a foreign state is not a crime.

The Palestinian Ministry of

Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the number of victims of Israel's bombing since 7 October had risen to 11,078 Palestinians, including 4,506 children.

Malta delegate:

UN Security Council approaches adoption of resolution on

Palestinian-Israeli escalation

Malta's representative to

the United Nations

Vanessa Friezier, announced that the UN Security Council had come

close to adopting a resolution on the Palestinian-Israeli escalation.

"We are closer to that than ever before"

the delegate told reporters on Friday in response to a question.

The delegate did not disclose any details on the items of the possible resolution, merely saying that she did not want to offend the document's drafting process.

The United Nations Security Council had considered 4 draft resolutions on

the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but had not been able to adopt any of them.


10 non-permanent members of

the United Nations Security Council are drafting a new draft resolution, which is expected to include items from projects that could not be adopted earlier.