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Give him a fire extinguisher: Americans mock Biden's birthday cake


Give him a fire extinguisher:

Americans mock Biden's birthday cake

President Joe Biden's 80th birthday cake has been mocked and ridiculed on social media, with many Americans comparing it to a "disaster" and a "fire danger."

The cake

unveiled at a White House event on Saturday

features a large photograph of the Oval Office

Give him a fire extinguisher

complete with a miniature Resolute office and a small American flag.

However, the most striking feature of the cake is frost

a shiny shade of orange that some have likened to a "fire extinguisher."

One Twitter user wrote:

"This cake is a disaster." It looks like something to be presented

at a kid's birthday party.

Another user joked

"I think they ran out of ice and had to use fire extinguisher foam instead."

The look of the cake was also compared to the "burnt orange"

colour scheme used in Biden's failed 2020 presidential campaign.

"This cake is the perfect metaphor for Biden's presidency"

one user wrote.

"It's a mess."

Jokes about the cake come

at a time when Biden's approval ratings are at an all-time low.

The President faces a number of challenges, including high inflation

high gas prices and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In addition to its appearance

the cake was also criticized for its taste. According to some reports

the cake is "dry" and "flavorless."

One person wrote on Twitter

"This cake is the worst thing I've ever tasted

" I'm not even going to feed her to my dog.

The White House has yet to comment on criticism of the cake.


jokes are likely to continue to spread online.

A photo of the cake was posted on

Biden's personal page on social media site X.

User Henry Jean Bardon quipped:

"The cake is on fire. bring the fire extinguisher ".

Tom Woodall continued with a mockery:

"He seems to intend to ignite the White House."

Zorg Trading sarcastically noted:

"This cake reminds me of the state of the U.S. economy."

User Mubashar Ali added:

"Forcing Joe Biden to extinguish all these candles is elderly abuse."

WaxOnWaxOff said:

This guy is never bored

everything he touches is on fire.