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Musk threatens companies that opposed him with a nuclear claim


Musk threatens companies that

pposed him with a nuclear claim

US billionaire Elon Musk said

the X Social Media Network would file

a "thermonuclear" lawsuit against all institutions it

opposed under the pretext of "anti-Semitic" statements by Musk.

On Friday

The Hollywood Reporter reported that film companies Warner Bros.

Sony Pictures

Baramount and Lionsgate suspended

their advertisements on social media network X after their owner

Elon Musk made "anti-Semitic" remarks about Jews, according to her.

Companies such as Walt Disney

as well as multinational technology companies IBM and Apple

have also made similar decisions.

Musk wrote in X:

"A lawsuit will be filed on Monday in this regard.

X Corp will sue the media and everyone involved in

this fraudulent attack on our company. "

Musk has previously been sharply criticized for suspending a user's posting

which many perceived as a manifestation of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The White House said it took into account Musk's remarks.

Amid criticism on Friday

Musk wrote that any user who dares to publicly support genocide

would be banned on his social network.


"Walt Disney" interrupted its advertisements in X due to

Musk's statements about Jews

Walt Disney Co.,

IBM and Apple decided to suspend their advertisements on

social network X after statements to their owner Elon Musk about Jews.

She reported on Friday

Hollywood Reporter, and reported that Musk had previously

been criticized for commenting on a social media user's post

which wrote that Jewish circles promoted the same hatred towards

"white people" that she demanded to stop towards Jews themselves.

Musk agreed with that statement.

Musk further announced that any user of his X social network would be banned

if he publicly supported the genocide of any ethnic group.

According to the magazine's article


and Apple are among the largest advertisers on 

the X social network

and their refusal to cooperate is a "special concern"

for the X. An official statement from Disney on the suspension of

advertising has not yet been issued.


the multinational technology company IBM announced

the suspension of its advertisements on social network X.

This happened after the company's ads were displayed

next to pro-Nazi posts allegedly.