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Netanyahu holds Tehran responsible for Houthi detention of Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea


Netanyahu holds

Tehran responsible for Houthi detention of

Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held Tehran responsible

for the hijacking of the Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea

which the Houthis took on Sunday and detaine

considering it an "Iranian whim."

In a statement in response to the seizure of the vessel

Netanyahu's office said the vessel was British and operated

by a Japanese company

"hijacked by the Houthi militia in Yemen on an Iranian whim."

The statement indicated that the ship's crew comprised 25 individuals from Bulgaria, Mexico, the Philippines and Ukraine and none of the Israelis.

This is another act of

Iranian terrorism that reflects a leap forward in Iran's aggression against

the citizens of the free world and creates international repercussions

when it comes to the security of international shipping routes.

Earlier on Sunday

Yemeni media quoted sources in the Sana 'a government that their forces

had seized an Israeli transport ship sailing in the Red Sea.

For his part

the Israeli army

spokesman considered the incident of the hijacking of

the transport vessel

by the Houthis near Yemen in the Red Sea to be a

"serious incident on a global level."

He added that "the ship is not an Israeli, but a vessel originating from Turkey

on its way to India with an international crew without any Israeli .


the Yemeni armed forces of the Houthi group "Ansar Allah"

announced that they would target all types of Israeli-flagged vessels

and those operated or owned by Israeli companies.

The "Houthi" military spokesman

Brigadier General Yahya Sarei

said in a statement that "based on religious, national and moral responsibility

and in view of the brutal Israeli-American aggression against the Gaza Strip

where daily massacres and genocide are committed

and in response to

the demands of our Yemeni people and the demands of

free peoples, we help our oppressed people in GazGaz."