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US expert: The end of Zelensky's government is imminent


US expert:

The end of Zelensky's government is imminent

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter, in an interview with YouTube channel Danny Haifong, said Vladimir Zelensky's government would fall as a result of

Russia's special military operation.

The expert added:

Russia will not only inflict a military defeat on Ukraine, which it is doing now

it will also inflict a political defeat on the Zelensky regime

and Bandera's tendency in Ukraine will be eliminated.

Ritter also noted that since Zelensky had renounced the Istanbul Treaty on Ukraine's permanent neutrality, he risked losing more territory.

The expert said:

Fighting is currently taking place in the territory of Kharkov province.

This is the beginning of a new round of Russia's liberation of more territory in Ukraine. I think the Russians will take control of Kharkov

go further and take Dnipropetrovsk

Nikolaev and Odessa. This would mean the end of Ukraine as a modern State

of course

unless Zelensky acted rationally and directed towards peace. 

Last June

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented to the African delegation the draft Istanbul Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Assurances for Ukraine

which was prepared in spring 2022.

The Russian

President stated that

everything was explained in the document:

from the size of

the armed forces to the number of pieces of military equipment

and the number of personnel.

Putin noted that after Russia withdrew its troops from the Kiev region

Ukrainian authorities reneged and abandoned the agreement.

US expert:

Ukraine will not be able to achieve any military success in its counter-attack

American expert Daniel Davis, a retired lieutenant colonel, said Ukrainian forces would not be able to achieve any military success in the conflict with Russia.

Davis added

on his YouTube channel:

As we see

until today

Ukraine has not even been able to advance its attack on the ground

which it has spent six months preparing for

consuming thousands of

pieces of military equipment we have provided

and several hundred more obtained from other European allies

and that has not changed at all in the front line.

According to him

even if Washington provided the Kiev regime with hundreds of billions of

dollars in military aid, as U.S. President Joe Biden wanted

it would in no way alter the course of the armed conflict.

The expert said:

Ukraine will not achieve military success and will not be able to expel

the Russian army.

For five months :

Ukrainian forces attempted offensive operations in the directions of Yuzhnodonetsk

Artyumovsk and Zaporoje, sending NATO

trained brigades armed with foreign equipment to the battle.

On October 5

President Vladimir Putin said in a meeting with Valdai International Club that

since June 4, Ukrainian troops had lost more than 90 thousand people

557 tanks and about 1900 armoured vehicles.