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US President Biden published an article on his administration's programme on Ukraine and Palestine


US President published an article on

his administration's

programme on Ukraine and Palestine

Under the above heading, in "Izvestia", André Kozmak wrote about Biden's detailed theses on the most serious conflicts, in Palestine and Ukraine.

According to the article

"Hamas must be destroyed, and it cannot be negotiated with it

but whoever makes the decision must bear responsibility for the deaths of

civilians during the liquidation of the movement.

The United States was not involved in the Palestinian-Israeli

or Ukrainian conflict until Hamas and Vladimir Putin forced it to do so.

Now the world

is waiting for the United States of

America to solve these problems. " That's what US President Joseph

Biden announced to the public in an article published earlier this week.

At a time

when the American community

this text is primarily directed at it 

has experienced a divide that has not been seen since the Civil War

and requires a recalibration of priorities, Biden has tried to appeal to

absolute national values. 

His Administration's foreign policy projects

just like those of the vast majority of his predecessors

are being put forward as a struggle between good and evil.

That is why the United States President brought together

the Palestinian Hamas group and the Russian President in one context.

The United States was unable to

settle any regional conflict, having built a new regime in

the Middle East in the wake of the first Gulf War

as emphasized by the senior lecturer in

the Middle East States Department of the School of

Eastern Studies at the State University of Humanities

Grigory Lukyanov.

He said:

The immense US

military presence has created an illusion of the possibility of

relying on the US to solve regional problems.

But no

dispute has been resolved. On the contrary

there have been interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Solutions to strategic problems have not been reached

while new challenges have emerged. When it comes to

solving fundamental problems, the United States

is leading Western ideas, which makes things worse. 

Lukyanov stressed that

"Hamas's destruction strategy will not lead to positive changes in

the region. On the contrary, in five to seven years a new generation of

leaders will emerge who will call for a more extreme response

and the same will happen in Israel. "