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Angelina Jolie reveals "paralysis" she suffered as a result of her "Brad Pitt divorce!"


Angelina Jolie reveals

"paralysis" she suffered as a result of her

"Brad Pitt divorce!"

Angelina Jolie revealed that the psychological stress she experienced

during her impending divorce from Brad Pitt

caused her to develop a condition called

"Bell's Paralysis."

The Hollywood star, 48

spoke about her state of health in an interview with WSJ

magazine published on December 5. Speaking of "Bell's paralysis"

a neurological disorder that temporarily paralyses

one side of the face and makes it appear flabby and unbalanced.

Julie explained how her divorce affected her health.

"My body reacts very strongly to stress,"

 Julie said, noting her "horror" at playing opera singer

Maria Callas in an upcoming film.

She added:

"Blood sugar is going up and down.

 I suddenly became paralysed six months before my divorce ".

The Oscar winner first revealed that she was diagnosed with Bell's paralysis in 2017, amid a "difficult year" after her split from star Pete.

She previously participated in

the Vanity Fair cover story that she was left with facial paralysis

due to pressure from her family's problems. She said at the time:


women with families put themselves in last place, so that this can be reflected

in their health." She credited acupuncture with helping her fully recover.

Bell's paralysis causes sudden muscle weakness on one side of the face

but it may be temporary and can significantly improve over time

according to the Mayo Clinic.

This disorder is known to be nerve inflammation that controls the facial muscles

and can be the result of a previous viral infection.

While it is unclear whether increased

tension is the direct cause of hemispheric paralysis

experts felt that tension could weaken the immune system

resulting in facial nerve damage.

It is worth mentioning that Julie filed for divorce from Bethlehem in

September 2016, after two years of marriage and 12 years together

and they have six children. Since then, the spouses have been involved in

divorce proceedings relating to children's custody and disputes

over their various properties.