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"Axios": Houthis deal blow to ship traffic in Israeli port of Eilat



Houthis deal blow to ship

traffic in Israeli port of Eilat

Axios reported that the arrival of vessels at the port of Eilat in southern

Israel was almost completely interrupted, due to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

President Joe Biden's

administration sent Houthi messages through several

channels warning them against continuing attacks on

ships in the Red Sea and against Israel.

United States

envoy to Yemen Tim Linderking had asked diplomats

from the Sultanate of Oman and Qatar to convey warning letters to

the Houthis during a recent visit to the region.

Israeli and US officials said

the US

was expected to announce the formation of

a multinational force in the Red Sea

to deter the Houthis from launching further attacks.

The Israeli government

had become increasingly concerned about the Houthi attacks

with some officials saying it needed to respond militarily.

The site also quoted a senior Israeli official as saying that

the Israeli War Council had decided not to launch military

action against

the Houthis at the moment

so as not to distract the army's attention from the war in Gaza

and to avoid the expansion of the conflict in the region.

White House

national security adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed

during his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

and members of

the war cabinet on Thursday that

the United States was committed to protecting freedom of

navigation in the Red Sea.

According to Israeli officials

 the Israeli Government agreed to

know what impact the Multinational Maritime Task

Force would have once it began operating in the Red Sea and to

take no action on its part at this time.


Department of Defense official stated days ago that

"America is seeking to establish an International

Navigation Protection Force in the Red Sea", explaining that

"the International Navigation Protection Force (ISAF)

to be formed in the Red Sea will cover an area of

3 million miles of international waters."

The official's talk comes

as Pentagon spokesman General

Pat Ryder said:

 "We are working with our partners to establish a joint military

force to protect commercial navigation in the Red Sea and Gulf."

White House

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also stated that talks

were continuing on the formation of a "some kind" naval task force to

ensure safe passage of ships in the Red Sea.