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Biden announces launch of country's first high-speed train



announces launch of

country's first high-speed train

U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the first high

speed train line in

the United States will open in 2028, between Las Vegas

and Los Angeles before the Olympics.

Biden said

during his Las Vegas tour on


We are building the first high

speed train line in our country's history. It starts here. 

This train reduces the current journey time to just over two hours

while the journey by car takes twice as long.

The train is supposed to carry 11 million passengers annually.

The project was named

"Bright Line West"

after the private company which

was commissioned to build and operate the trains.

He will receive $3 billion in funding from Biden's major

infrastructure investment plan, approved in 2021.

This project

will have an environmental footprint

because this future train line

"will remove 3 million vehicles from the highway"

Biden said.

It would also be useful for "well-paid" jobs

a promise coming less than a year before the presidential election.

The US President, a fan of train rides


We've been talking about this project for decades.

Now we will really get it done. " He provided details of

other modernization projects that would receive funding

totalling $8.2 billion.

"The railways have made America a force for trade and innovation in the world

uniting the country and building the strongest economy in history.

And over time

we're late. Our infrastructure was the best in the world ".

"We are in economic competition in the 21st century,"

he said, adding

"China has had trains going at 220 miles per hour for some time."

He asked

"How can we be the best economy without having

the best infrastructure in the world?", "That's what we're going to do."