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Borrell: EU States decide to participate in Red Sea "boom guard" operation



EU States decide to participate in Red Sea

"boom guard" operation

European Foreign Policy Commissioner Josep Borrell announced that the Union

countries would participate in his "Guard of Prosperity" operation against

the Houthis in the Red Sea

after attacking merchant ships linked to Israel.

In his account via X, the European official considered that

"irresponsible actions of the Houthis" constituted

a threat to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.

"During today's extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Representatives of

the European Union, Member States agreed to contribute to

the United States Operation Atalanta" Prosperity Guard "

 Burrell wrote.

The Financial Times revealed that the United States and 5 of

its allies were planning to establish a security corridor in the Red Sea.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had earlier announced

the launch of a multinational operation to protect

the Red Sea amid Houthi attacks on commercial

vessels linked to Israel and called the operation a "boom guard."

The main task of that

operation would be to resolve security problems in the southern part of

the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in order to ensure freedom of navigation.

In turn, the Yemeni "Houthis" threatened to attack vessels belonging to

the United States Coalition States

and the missiles in their possession were uncovered.

Mohammed al-Bakhiti

a member of the Yemeni group's political bureau, said in press statements that

they could confront any coalition formed by the United States in the Red Sea.

Iranian Defence Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani warned that

the United States of America would "face significant problems"

 if it formed an international force in the Red Sea.

"The Guardian": more than 100 vessels divert

from Suez Canal to avoid Houthi attacks

The British newspaper said that travel is sailing through Cape of

Good Hope in South Africa, avoiding its shortcut through the Suez Canal

stating that the change in route leads to an increase of about 6,000 nautical

miles to the usual commercial trip between Asia and Europe

which could add 3 or 4 weeks of delay to delivery times.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi promises the US military harsher than

he faced in Afghanistan and what he suffered in Vietnam

The leader of Ansar Allah Abdulmalik al-Houthi said that

the US military would face harsher than it faced in Afghanistan

and suffered in Vietnam if it sent its soldiers to Yemen.

Any American targeting of our country we will target

and we will make American battleships, interests and navigation

the target of our missiles, drones and military operations."

"Whoever moves with the American and implicates himself in the protection of

Israeli vessels knows that he serves Israel exclusively and harms international


He called on the countries of

the world to criticize the United States and those who intercede

with it from distant countries that come to threaten

navigation and the militarization of the Red Sea.

The leader of

the Houthi group also called on the Red Sea countries to

"have an explicit position against the American stance

and intrusive aggression harmful to international navigation."

Abdul Malik al-Houthi stated that

the United States has been participating in Israel's aggression against Gaza

from the very outset, noting that the Israeli military kills children

and women in Palestine with American weapons

including what is internationally prohibited.

"The United States supported the occupation in the territory by threatening

all parties to create an opportunity for them to commit their crimes.

We must remember the involvement of the United States in

all Israeli violations and massacres in the Gaza Strip ".

The following highlights the statement of the leader of Ansar Allah:

 Neither the American nor the promising position nor the threat 

from the American or others will deter us from our position on your side.

We hope that the Islamic world

with the continuation of American and Israeli tyranny over Gaza

will review their accounts and adopt stronger positions than they are.

- We tell the European countries not to go to Israel any danger

but when you get involved with the United States

you risk your interests with whatever the word means.

- Our people cannot be held firm and we advise others to be wary of 

being involved with the United States and to let it involve themselves

- Our people the more they fight and the more aggression the enemies

develop their military capabilities to counter them

- We have a long breath of confrontation

response and fortitude in the face of attacks

What the United States is doing at sea is a loss. 

It's launching a $2 million missile to tackle a $2,000 drone.

- The United States does not imagine that it can strike here

or there and then emit intermediaries to calm the situation.

- The United States'

 move in the Red Sea is illegal

even aggression, criminality, thuggery

and a brutal act that seeks to serve the Israelis

- The United States seeks to protect Israeli vessels because it wants the crimes in

Gaza to continue, otherwise the right solution is to stop the aggression

and blockade on Gaza.

- Our position continues and the right position for all the world's nations to

 seek is to demand an end to the aggression against Gaza.

- Whatever the American position in support of Israel

he is a loser with the loss of Tel Aviv