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Israeli Defense Minister "expresses fears" that US military aid could be delayed


Israeli Defense Minister

 "expresses fears"

 that US military aid could be delayed

Hebrew Channel 13 reported that Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

 expressed concerns that Washington might delay sending military aid to Israel

not only for "technical reasons", as he defined it.

According to the Hebrew media

 "tension between Israel and the United States is escalating"

as "in recent days Gallant's statements came after a phone call between him 

and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, since calls of this kind 

are not repeated, as Gallant's counterpart is the Secretary of Defense

not the Secretary of State".

It was noted that "the call was also centred around US aid to Israel"

while "the Office of the Secretary of

 Defence did not announce the call as followed".

In Gallant's comment

the latter said:

 "We do not address sensitive issues that are discussed in the War Council."

Yediot Ahronot reported that the Israeli army had ordered Apache

attack helicopters from the United States, but had so far been rejected.

On Tuesday

the Qassam Brigades

and Jerusalem companies announced that a number of soldiers

had been killed and that several Israeli military vehicles had been 

destroyed over the past hours, and that they were wading

 into pitched cigarettes on various axes of the incursion.

The war on the Gaza Strip entered its 81st day

as clashes continued under intense Israeli bombardment of

 cities and governorates in the north and south of the Gaza Strip

 amid a humanitarian and health catastrophe.