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"Leftist as ChatGPT.." Controversial claims about Musk's smart program!


"Leftist as ChatGPT.."


claims about Musk's smart program!

Billionaire Elon Musk's new robo-chat program Grok

enjoys left-wing

liberal political ideology that distinguishes his most

well-known rival ChatGPT, according to new claims.

Research scientist :

David Rosado was behind the allegations

referring in an X post to Grok's responses to

a common political ideological test.

Not only did Grok's ideology on

the far left of the left-right economic spectrum be used in the test

it was drawn farther from ChatGPT

which his critics often accuse of liberal bias in political matters.

The automated chat programme


that the phrase "of each according to his ability, of each need"

was a good idea, and Grok also seemed to reject the notion of

private ownership, and "agreed" with the phrase

"land should not be a commodity sold and purchased".


the test results were posted on X

Rosado said that the technology executive of xAI, Igor Babushkin

contacted him. At his suggestion

Rosado retested

the test and asked the automated chat software to explain its answers.

This pushed Grok towards political status.

While Musk also

pledged to neutralize Grok's ideology after seeing test results

he criticized many questions as inaccurate.


Rosado Grok

underwent several types of political ideology tests

which yielded similar results.

Other tests showed that Grok was an "institutional liberal"

and a "liberal leftist."

Musk repeatedly warned of

a "future in which human civilization

is destroyed by artificial intelligence."

In March, he signed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium

on major artificial intelligence developments to implement

a system of safeguards to prevent such destructive scenarios.


he declared in July that such a pause was not "realistic"

and created XAI as an artificial intelligence startup "pro-humanity."


unveiled Grok last month as a bolder

and less biased competitor to ChatGPT

explaining that the system is

"designed to have little humor in its responses."

Unlike ChatGPT

which is widely available to the general public

access to Grok remains open only to X subscribers

who are part of its "Early Access Program".