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Predictions of the blind divine Baba Fanga for 2024... Some positive, some "terrifying"!


Predictions of

the blind divine Baba Fanga for 2024...

Some positive, some "terrifying"!

The British newspaper The Sun revealed that the blind Bulgarian

godfather Baba Vanga, who predicted the events of 11 September 

and Brexit, has once again predicted some terrifying news for 2024.

The Sun explained that Papa Fanga, also known as "Nostradamus Balkans,"

had strong insights that 85 percent believed were true

and that she gained strength after losing her

sight during a deadly storm as a child.

Here are Papa

Fanga's projections for 2024.

- Assassination attempts

Vanga had the vision that Russian President Vladimir Putin

would be assassinated by someone from his country next year

according to Astrofam magazine.

- Increased terrorist attacks in Europe

Papa Vanga has issued predictions about destructive weapons.

It alleges that a "large State" will conduct biological weapons tests

or attacks next year.

She also expected terrorists to carry out an attack in Europe.

- Huge economic crisis

Vanga said there will be a huge economic crisis that will affect

the global economy next year. It highlighted many contributing

factors such as increased debt levels and more geopolitical tensions.

- Terrifying climate events

Vanga had a vision that there would be terrifying weather events

and natural disasters next year. According to forecasts

there will be a change in orbit which usually occurs

over a long period of time. However, if this occurs within a short period of time

it may raise problems including climate disruption and rising radiation levels.

- Cyberattacks

Sufi Vanga stated that there will be a rise in cyberattacks as advanced

hackers will look directly at critical infrastructure

such as power grids and water treatment plants.

It expected this to lead to threats to national security.

- Medical breakthroughs

Baba Vanga gave positive news in the medical field and said there

would be new treatments for incurable diseases including Alzheimer's. 

She also said there will be a cure for cancer in 2024.

Some people who are experts in personality analysis say that

she said this under pressure from some institutions in exchange

for a sum of money, so do not believe her.

What do you think of her words? Give me a comment, thank you