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5 people who spend $1 million a day will run out of wealth in 476 years. Who are they?


5 people who spend $1 million 

a day will run out of wealth in 476 years. 

Who are they?

Oxfam reported that 

the world's largest and richest companies have doubled

their wealth since 2020, while 5 billion people around

the world have become significantly poorer.

The organization's report against inequality coincided

 with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

Oxfam noted that

 the large participants in Davos are mostly the same people

 who drive inequality in the world, pursuing their interests

 rather than for the common good.

"Five billion people have become poorer since 2020, while the richest five have doubled their wealth by $14 million an hour," the organization said in the report.

According to

 the organization, the wealth of

 the world's richest 5 people since 2020 rose by 14%

reaching $ 869 billion in 2023, and the five people are Elon Musk

Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, Larry Elson and Mark Zuckerberg.

If each of these five spends $1 million a day, their wealth ($ 869 billion)

 will be spent in 476 years, if it is assumed that the size of

the wealth will remain the same and not increase.

"Billionaires in the world have become $3.3 trillion richer in the last three years

with the richest 1% of the world's population having 43% 

of the world's financial wealth."

"Monopolies play a central role in shaping the lives of ordinary people around

 the world, affecting wages, quality of food and easy access to medicines."

According to

 the organization, the planet's first trillionaire will appear in 10 years

 and it will take 230 years to overcome poverty.

The rich 

are getting richer. Statistics 2023

Bloomberg's list of the 500 richest billionaires, published on Wednesday

 showed that the richest of the world became richer during the year.

Elon Musk remains at the top

with an estimated wealth of $235 billion. 

The South African-born billionaire first removed Amazon owner

Jeff Bezos from the top spot in mid-2021, retaining the top spot since then.

This year

Musk saw his wealth grow by about $98 billion

according to Bloomberg. While his social media platform X

 has experienced many problems with advertisers

and has been subject to various scandals, Musk's main assets


have been characterized by steady growth

which has strengthened its financial position.

Bezos is currently third with a wealth of $178 billion, being "narrowly"

outpaced by Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton)

whose wealth has grown to about $179 billion this year.

Marc Zuckerberg

 Musk's arch-rival and owner of Meta

 enjoyed the second-largest absolute growth in wealth this year

rising his net worth by about $83 billion.

 The two had long been engaged in open public competition

and even planned a combat match, but the idea was eventually cancelled.

This growth

thanks to the rise in his empire's shares on social media

 after the 2022 crash, put Zuckerberg in sixth place with a wealth of $128 billion.