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Elon Musk accuses Biden administration of encouraging illegal immigration


Elon Musk 

accuses Biden administration of

 encouraging illegal immigration

On Thursday, US businessman Elon Musk accused President Joe Biden's

administration of encouraging illegal immigration, stating that 

"the numbers speak for themselves."

Earlier, Fox News reported, citing CBP sources, that the number of

 illegal immigrants entering the United States from Mexico in

December 2023 

exceeded 302 2,000, setting an absolute historical record.

Musk wrote on X: "At the moment, there is no doubt that this administration 

(the Biden administration) is actively promoting illegal immigration

numbers speak for themselves .

The businessman's tweet came in response to the publication of statistical

 data on illegal immigration under Obama, Trump and current

 US President Biden

 the worst indicators under the latter's administration.

At the end of September last year

Musk visited Eagle Pass


to show the public about the migration crisis, and the businessman

then noted that, being an immigrant, he was taking a "very pro

immigrant stance," but at the same time called for a halt to

 the flow of illegal immigrants leading to the "collapse of social security systems."

Disagreements on immigration have been the main reason

 why Congress has so far failed to approve the White House's request

 for assistance to Ukraine and Israel, and the Republican opposition

 insists that Biden's approach leaves the border "open."

Earlier, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott accused President Joe Biden's

 administration of aggravating the situation around illegal immigration.

"Instead of protecting our nation, Joe Biden opens doors in our southern border. This is the complete administrative failure of the Federal Government ".


 and Customs Enforcement is working to send additional border protection personnel and deal with the dramatic increase in migrants across

the southern border, and the deployment of additional 

elements comes amid a historic migrant crisis at the border. 

Fox reported that

 last December, 200 thousand migrants were seized at the border.