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Queen of cryptocurrency, Noonquin. And the miserable Ugandan goat!


Queen of cryptocurrency


And the miserable Ugandan goat!

Hassan Bulgaria, who lived in Germany, managed to defraud hundreds of

 thousands of people in 175 countries around the world, taking a fortune 

ranging from $15 billion to $50 billion, and then disappearing altogether.

This woman

named Roja Ignatova, is described by the US FBI as a Bulgarian

 citizen with dark hair and brown eyes, with a strength of just over 160 centimeters

speaking English

Bulgarian and German, who flew from Sofia to Athens on 25 

October 2017 and then disappeared without trace.


by the end of 2014, had launched a massive cryptocurrency 

project called "Wincoin", "OneCoin", which had been promoted in extensive

 and lavish campaigns as the currency of the future, and would destroy the

 cryptocurrency "Bitcoin", and dissolve it on global exchanges.

This big fraudulent project promoted it with a legend that was considered

 super fast and unique cryptocurrency, and it is designed to improve

 investor conditions and make everyone rich!


 buyers and investors promised fantasy profits. An e-book by this

 institution titled "Think and Be Rich," while Queen of Cryptocurrency


gathered entire stadiums packed with enthusiastic

 supporters in her promotional campaigns, in front of her at Wembley

 Stadium in Britain for example tens of thousands.

The Bulgarian belle was shown on those lavish occasions wearing silk dresses

 and decorated with expensive jewellery

and was always featured in Khan's lipstick.

The woman

 who founded this fraudulent

hierarchical financial institution was presented in the media at the time

as a talented businesswoman and genius, one of Europe's richest women

spoke several languages, held academic degrees from the Universities of

 Oxford and Constance, and later found the last information false.

Pyramid financial fraud institutions that have proliferated in recent decades

 are major frauds based on the so-called "Ponzi scheme"

named after Charles Ponzi, an Italian who emigrated to

 the United States and created this kind of financial fraud.

After about 3 years of fraud and the theft of millions, the U.S. FBI

 arrested Spring 2017, Constantine Ignatov

 brother of 

the fake cryptocurrency queen, and then held the vacant position of

 his disappeared sister, director of "Wonquin."

The brother of the queen of the cryptocurrency "Wonquin" cooperated with

American investigators, pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering

made a deal with justice, and is now hiding with the help of the Witness 

Protection Program, while asserting in court that he did not know 

where his sister went, nor where she was hiding.

In June 2022

the US FBI listed Roja Ignatova as the 10 most dangerous wanted

 announced a financial reward of up to $100,000 for information that 

would help capture her, while in the same year several banks

 and specialized financial institutions disavowed and banned the transaction.

The management of the company based on the currency 


in turn, said that its cryptocurrency in the user's personal account was only

 a means of teaching customers how to deal with this cryptocurrency

that there was no real security, no financial or legal obligations to 

the purchasing persons and institutions, and that the company 

was providing training packages for seven levels at prices ranging 

from 110 to 118,000 euros.

Sadly, these Bulgarian beloved scams have affected poor countries in Africa

 and Asia, and their currency, for example, has invested

 more than 50,000 people in Uganda.

This lady's 

brother visited this African country

 in a public relations campaign to provide assistance to poor families. 

There he took pictures with Ugandan children fondling them

while his sister's foundation was defrauding their parents and pushing them to

 sell everything they owned, including goats they raised and lived on their products.

 The transfer of funds to them, in the hope of obtaining a financial return

 guarantees them the rich and well-being of the missing s people "

but they lost their cherishes, and they grew poorer, while the beloved 

escaped by billions and disappeared

as if the Earth had defected and swallowed them.