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Red patches at the hands of Donald Trump spark speculation

 Red patches

 at the hands of 

Donald Trump spark speculation 

A photo of former US President Donald Trump has prompted speculation from

 social media leaders over the appearance of mysterious red marks on his hand.

The photo published on

 January 17 shows the former president in a classic

 position, where he lifts one arm and waves to a crowd

but his hand shows a marked difference, with bright

 red stains covering his fingers and palms.

Since then, the term 

"Trump bumps" has become popular on the "X" platform where social media

 pioneers try to guess why, from medical conditions to golf wounds

and whether this could be the result of a fall, to make-up or as a youth.

One activist asked: 

"What if he had some sausages and ketchup?"

The 2024 Republican candidate could have dropped:

It's not uncommon

 for a 77-year-old to fall -- you should explain his campaign."

Another activist concluded that 

Trump was wearing "hand makeup."

The Trump campaign did not confirm why, according to The Independent.

The Patriot Takes account noted that Trump's hand did not appear

 like this at his meeting in New Hampshire the day before.

Patriot Takes later released a photo of LED Trump 

at his press conference in New York for the trial of E. Jean Carroll.

He wrote: 

"His spots look less red, but you can still see them."

The question even reached MSNBC's Morning Joe, where co-host

 Joe Scarborough asked: "Do we have any answer

 about Donald Trump. his hands bleed ".

Co-host Willie Guest speculated: 

" He seems to have an ulcer. "

This is not the first time that images of a 2024 candidate have recently raised

 wild speculation about what is happening to Trump behind the scenes.

Last month

a firestorm erupted after a photo showing the former President

 standing on two rectangular platforms as he spoke in Mar-a-Lago.