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Trump: I don't mind being 80 years old. But I'm 77.


 I don't mind being 80 years old. But I'm 77.

Former US President Donald Trump said he was far from suffering 

from his successor Joe Biden's mental health problems.


added to a crowd of supporters in

 New Hampshire:

 "I don't mind being 80, but I'm 77, and that's a big difference. 

This is not about age, everyone ages differently ".

He noted that he felt better than 25 years ago, and had passed a knowledge 

test with a doctor, and said, "Biden can't say the same thing. 

You know something is going on with him ".

He was convinced that 

Biden could face criminal prosecution if the Head of State's right to immunity 

was not recognized, saying: "The President needs immunity, it's not about me

it's about every Head of State. the rival party will blame him 

for everything he did after the expiration of his mandate ".

Biden is the oldest 

president of the United States in history, aged 81

often tongue-in-cheek and looking confused

and has fallen in public several times.

Trump's remarks 

come after Republican U.S. 

presidential candidate Nikki Haley questioned his mental eligibility

after accusing her in a slip of tongue-in-cheek of failing to stop the 2021

 Capitol assault, where he erred between Haley and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On Tuesday, January 16, US media announced that Trump had won 

the Iowa Republican nomination, among the first stops of the primary race

 for the White House.

The victory will solidify Trump's position at the top of 

the Republican race for the November White House election.

"They say he was confused, he was talking about something else," 

the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and South

 Carolina governor told a rally in New Hampshire.

My concern is that 

I'm not saying anything offensive, but when you deal with the pressures of 

the presidency, we can't have someone else wondering if they're mentally 

qualified to do it.

Trump's suggestion that Pelosi

or Haley

rejected an offer of help while the Capitol was under siege also raised questions

 and the House committee that investigated the January 6 events

said it found no evidence that he had made such an offer.

Trump and other Republicans have repeatedly raised questions about 

whether President Joe Biden, 81, is mentally competent for a second term.

But Haley's comments

which completed their 52 years on Saturday

were the most direct of a Republican official about Trump's 

77-year mental eligibility.