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Why is NASA postponing its lunar project?

Why is NASA

 postponing its lunar project?

NASA was supposed to achieve the end of 

2024 manned spaceflight around the moon.

Journalists mock a recent statement by NASA chief Bill Nelson on

 the postponement of manned flights to the moon for at least a year.


the planned moon landing will not take place

and other major moon-related projects will be postponed.

The establishment of

 the Gateway Lunar Orbital Station will therefore begin only in September

2028 and will of course postpone the spaceflight to the Moon.

"The safety of astronauts is one of our main priorities and we want to give

 more time to Artemis crews to carry out more complex tasks," Nelson said.

Specialists at NASA 

and several private companies cooperating with the Agency could be fearful of

 the recent failure of the American company Astropotic's mission

during which

 the Peregrine landing lightly on the moon with the DNA of former U.S.

 President John Kennedy and the ashes of science fiction writer Arthur C.

Clark was planned. The fuel leak, which appeared to have begun even before

 the beginning, reduced the chances of achieving the project to zero despite

 the restoration of contact with the spacecraft.

In order to carry out the Artemis mission, NASA intended to use its ultra

heavy missile SLS. But last September, the project was thwarted

by an audit conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Accounting.

Elon Musk's Starship spacecraft

supposedly capable of delivering 200 tons of payload to the Moon's orbit

 did not reach beyond the Earth's atmosphere and exploded several times.

The doubters have other hypotheses. Of course, conspiracy theories that

 existed before, but have now been vigorously revived. 

NASA itself provided justification.

The first is the oldest and most popular assumption that 

Americans have never landed on the moon. "Apollo" 

is a fake program by Hollywood. 

Hollywood has proven more than once that thinking this way is stupid

naive and degrading to all humanity. Now he doubts that. 

What if the doubters were right when they claimed that the Americans of

 the time (in the 1960s) did not have a proper missile. And now it's not.

The second hypothesis is that earthlings have nothing to do on the moon. 

They thought there was water in the Antarctic, of course. 

They have not been discovered.

It is possible that hopes for helium 3 "deposits", as fuel for the inexhaustible 

source of energy, are not justified. Theoretically, this fuel should exist

but in fact, it may not be.

The third hypothesis is that

 the Moon is interesting only to external beings

and it is appropriate for them to observe us from it. 

What if Americans finally discovered strange rules there

as conspiracy theorists assume quite seriously.

The fourth hypothesis was that the lunar orbital station was supposed to

serve as a "gateway" to Mars, so what if this proved to be pure fiction?

 Especially in these times.

The fifth hypothesis is that

 in the 1960s Americans actually landed on the moon. 

But there was some secret that made it possible to make a smooth landing

quite steadily. Now the secret is lost. This is where the lunar pathways

break down one by one, and also Russia.

By the way

the disruption of the American program, which may last long

gives Russia an opportunity to move forward in the lunar race. 

It would be great if she could take advantage of it.